Loss of Naturalised Citizenship

I have seen in various threads that there is concern regarding the loss of naturalised citizenship after a 3 year absence from Paraguay.

Article 150 of the National Constitution of Paraguay clearly establishes that a naturalised Paraguayan will lose their Paraguayan citizenship by unwarranted absence from Paraguay for 3 years.

In practice there is no procedure that causes this to happen automatically. To begin the proceedings  an individual or institution, eg Migraciones, would have to initiate a judgement against the individual. A judge would have to declare the loss of citizenship and the procedure, which would need to be taken through the courts, could take a long time.

It is very rare for this to happen as most foreigners who seek residency either live here, are investors and generate income in Paraguay and often make job opportunities for Paraguayans.

The suggestion that I always make to my clients is that they return to Paraguay at least every 2 years and in this way problems with immigration administrative authorities are avoided.

Hello mister Ariel,

thanks for that information update.
I was told by the embassy of paraguay in Portugal, that i do not require a Visa to enter Paraguay. Tourist entry is valid for 90 days, and in case i plan to stay longer, if i decide to make a trip to the City of Formosa in Argentina, and return, how long can i extend my stay ?

I apreciate your insight.

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There are 2 questions that I have for you Mr. Asantander:
1. How about during renewal of passport (for naturalized Paraguayan citizens) the government recognizes that the person was out of Paraguay for more than 3 years? What happens then?

2. If a naturalized Paraguayan citizen naturalizes and obtains a citizenship of another country, does he lose his Paraguayan nationality?

I am appalled at that! Why even allow citizenship if they can just strip it from you? Sounds ludacris to me.

wouldnt one actually need to become a naturalized citizen before it could ever be stripped away?

u guys seem to be skipping some steps here

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Can anyone reply to me my query ? ??

I'm having Paraguay  citizenship


If I stay outside Paraguay
For more than 3
Then I loose  my citizenship  gained from naturaisation

If supposed if I'm ready to loose that when I'm abroad
Then will than foreign country will deport me back to Paraguay after 3 yrs  or no ????

Will Paraguay will accept me if the foreign  country  deport me

Will the foreign country allow me to stay as I'm holding temporary  residency of that foreign country 
They deport me
As I'm no long a citizen  of Paraguay ? ???



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