want to settle in Adelaid

Hello Every One
                i am osama from pakistan...i recently got PR 176 visa and i wanted to live in Adelaid...i am by profession mechanical engineer and have more than 6 years experience in Automobile sector with trainings conducted in Japan...i am worried that do i have oppertunities i SA for this experience and how many Pakistanies are living there so that i can live with them...but i am quit adjustable personality and can adjust with any community who are friendly careing help ful...please help me out to settle in SA....

Hello Priya...
            Thanks a lot for giving me these informations..can you please tell me where mostly Pakistanis and Indians are living in Adelaide or SA....and it will be very helpful for if you can give me chat with any Pakistani....or any one who can meet me at me out in early stage of settlement like how to open bank account get accommodation and many other things like that...coz i don't have any one in Australia...and once again its very nice to hear form you that some of us are there to help out people like me.....

Hi osamak, you may also browse through the forum, it may help.;)


Hi there, I am new here. At the moment I am living in UK with my husband is doctor and he got job in Adeliade.i know this will be a weird question but still need to u guys  prefer Australia a best place to live or Uk.we r living in UK  around 10 years.will wait for reply.thanks

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