Guitar lessons in Addis


Does anyone know where I can by a guitar in Addis.
Is there any music shops ?

Moreover where can I get some private lessons ? and what would be the price ?


Hi j444444, why don't you post an advert in Addis Ababa classifieds > classes section? This may help.;)


hey there, you can get the guitar at ABC trading which is famous in ethiopia for importing music instruments.
you can email me ***

Hi ,
Is there anyone who found private guitar lessons in Addis?  I want my kids to have lessons but couldn't find any 🙁🙁
Any info will be much appreciated.

Hi Fruta,

Welcome to

Please note that this thread is quite old, I would suggest you to drop an advert under the Music classes in Addis Ababa of the website.

Best of luck


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