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Hello all,

I hope everyone had a fantastic TET experience like I have here in Nha Trang.

I have been here for a week and I must be honest prefer the lifestyle to Saigon.

I love the sea breeze, the quieter traffic and of course the beautiful beaches.

I would like to seriously consider living here after my course finishes and have started to look at typical room prices and schools.

I have a local friend here who doesn't seem to be that positive on the school front, is she right in saying that there are only a couple of schools in the 'central' Nha Trang area? (i.e within a short drive of the beach).

Any advice on the matter would be much appreciated, as I don't seem to be getting anywhere looking online.


Hello Bonesy,

welcome in NT and to reality. Nope, NT has a couple more on schools   and you have possible around 200 colleges on English teachers fighting to get the couple of jobs.

There are two places, which might possible hire English teachers - the rest is 0815 ( I would not even walk the dog there).
One place - about 7 miles out, direction towards Camh Ran Airport - there is apparently some kind of international school and the other one is the "Nha Trang" university doing tourism and economy.

From rumors, a "Doc Bernie Duff" - is easy to google in connection with Agent Orange - maybe, he can help you out with a hint.

Out of local experiences, I can tell you, that NT is one of the most challenging places in Vietnam for English teachers to get your working/resident papers together.

Good luck

I known a guy who teaches there and he loves it.  He's just an acquaintance, so I don't have any contact info.

...(i.e within a short drive of the beach).  I know where there's a little patch of sand down by the canal!  It's just like the beach, except for the cat droppings and the persistent smell of all things septic. is just like the beach!

How many days have you actually lived in Saigon? :D  You may be able to find a job down in the Delta, once you're ready. 

Here's the hits on "Doc" Duff.  Great story; thanks for the information Bully.

Hi all,

As I know there are many teaching English schools in Nha Trang, I would not say "school" maybe "teaching center" is more exactly, such as: VATC, VAITC, Bac My, Bac Au, Blue Ocean....
Income from US$10 to US$12 /per hour.
I have many expat friends just only do private teaching and they are very happy with this concept.
You can apply job at one of the above center and then combine with private teaching. You need a TEFL training teaching license at least for start which is can get it throught internet.

Have a good day

The "interntional school" near the airport is run by Hoan Cau who are basically con artists. Not recommended. All the locals avoid this company. 13ully is absolutely correct about finding an English job.If you think you will just waltze into an English job because you speak are kidding yourself. There are a lot of teachers with Masters Degrees in Ebglish already.A few years ago fine but now very difficult and getting your work visa and resident card from Khanh Hoa province is another huge challenge.

Hi all Ive been teaching here in Nha Trang for four months now and am loving the life style... Anyone out there?

Hello lukasaralias,

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There are only a few schools in central Nah trang. Face to face visit your best option..

Richie rich 1 :

There are only a few schools in central Nah trang. Face to face visit your best option..

Well done on bringing back to life a post that's almost a year old!

I'm looking for English teaching work in Nha Trang - can anyone help??

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Best of luck to you

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What is the best TELF online course? Can anyone recommend one? They seem to range from $209 USD to thousands of USD, but what do you really need to teach in Nha Trang?

i need a english teacher privat in all days . how can i find ??

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