Interview with Jeddah Knowledge School

Hi did you accept? Looking for someone to meet up with or email before travelling

No we didn't accept.  We took a job in Abu Dhabi. Best of luck.
Did you accept?


Can you tell me your experiences teaching at this school.



Did you go and work there and what was is like.



Did you work at the school, and what was your experience.  I have applied to to teach  Psychology next year.


I have applied to teach Psychology at the  school today, can anyone offer me any advice on pay and conditions and your experience.

Trevor Dunn BA MSc PGCE MEd(Cantab)CPsychol CSci AFBPS

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which school are you going to have an interview with and of what subject?

jKS Psychology teacher.

I am looking. Job in jeddah as an undergraduate 
Can you help me with it?

Not at this time, but will contact you if I hear anything.


Save yourself and your sanity from JKS

Do tell.....



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Am sure if you read this or other discussions on JKS on this site you will find the same expression and mostly negative. The school has a very high turnover of staff, with some leaving during the year at various points. Some even doing runners without notifying. You will always come second after the students in every circumstances. Management either have no sense of reality or keep a blind eye to it and collect their big fat wage cheques at end of the month. Teachers are always wrong and management offer no solutions or strategies for problems which is clear sign of weak management. There is too much and for the salary they are offering there are better places.

I have interview soon.

Did you accept the job?

Anyone here who is currently working with JKS?
I wanted to know whether they have a daycare at school.
Also, how is the working environment now?
Working hours?
Average salary in saudi riyals
Looking forward to your replies

I wanted to know whether they have any day care within the premises.

Did you discover if they have a day-care or no???;

Hi i have an interview with them too, did you accept?

Read the reviews on IRS. If then you still want to go then you are a strong person. I had an interview and noticed the behaviour issues immediately when talking to the head of school.

How was art teaching experience at the school in jeddah?

Hi Did not go there in the end.


New job ad out
Is it worth applying?
How about you?
Need info pls

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