direccion nacional de extranjeria

Hi all,
I'd like to know where the direccion nacional de extranjeria is. I've seen a few different addresses online and of course no one answered the e-mail I sent to them asking this question!!

I'd also like to know their opening times and the requirements for registering a 12-VII visa (volunteer)


Me gustaria saber donde se ubica la direccion general de extranjeria por que he visto varias direcciones en el Internet. Es Av. Colón y 6 de Diciembreo  Carrión y Páez? Y se atiende desde las 8.00 hasta las 16.30?

Ademas me gustaria saber bien los requisitos para la registracion de la visa (12-VII).


Hello,  I know exactly where it is because I was just there yesterday to pick up my passport. I've marked it on wikimapia.  Go to this link to see where. … gistration    It's on the west side of avendia seis diciembre between avendia cristobal colon and La Nina.  You must first register online here. … Itemid=603       Click Sistema de Gestión de Visas, Then click Registrese aqui.  Fill out the info and then copy the code it gives you.  It says it will send you an email, but i didn't get one.  Just copy the code.   If the page after you enter the passport number doesn't work, try doing it at an internet cafe or somewhere else.  It will work somewhere.  They also have computers you can register at the DNDE, but there is usually a line.  Go the the direccion nacional de extranjeria and ask the guard for a bank account number to deposit 10 dollars.  Go north on 6 de diciembre and left on La Nina, there is a bank on the left that you must deposit the 10 dollars.  Take the receipt back with all of the paperwork and hopefully you will get a ticket to wait for a person who will take your papers.  If you have everything, they'll take your passport and give you a green receipt.  Come back when they say it will be ready, it was 3 days for me, and show the guard or person who hands out numbered tickets the green receipt and they should give you a number to wait to pick up your passport.  When your number is called, they will tell you to wait again and then they will call your name when they have your passport.  Check your passport to see if you have the correct stamp.  That is all.  I believe they open at 8:30,  I was there yesterday at 9 and they were open.  They close early though.  If you don't speak spanish very well I would highly recommend bringing someone who can translate.  I don't know the particular requirements for your visa, mine was 12-VIII.  I needed the original visa i got in the states, copies, my passport, and copies of the entry stamp when I arrived in Quito.  Start this process as soon as possible.   This process is new, so there is nothing online that describes it.  I hope this helps.

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