Moving to Denmark

I am living in the US and wish to immigrate to Denmark. Does any1 have any suggestions on how to do this?

You have to be more specific in your question. What if I send you a message "hey I want to move to US and how can I do this"?


I think you should start to read some websites like these ones: (this one also has lots of information, and you can read questions and answers from others that are having the same problems as you).

I found this book yesterday, I never read it but it might be helpful (

After you read I'm sure that you'll have some questions, feel free to ask =)

Good luck!

Why from US. Arent u happy there. Life is not so easy in Denmark. Be prepared for harsh winters

hi all

are labour jobs in demand in denmark?

hi.i m a doc havin 5yrs experience.want to move denmark from saudi arabia.any once can tell me that what is the job ground reallities and can i get a job in denmark as a doctor, is it benificial to get work permit green card scheme,what are the difficulties i can face if suppose i will come with my family on work permit to denmark.

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