Recommendation for areas to live near San Gwann

I am due to start a course in San Gwann in May. Neither my husband nor I drive so we would be looking to stay reasonably close to this area so the commute is easy. I have no idea about the areas around San Gwann, or even San Gwann itself and wanted some recommendations. Ideally during the course I plan to learn to drive and hopefully once we are more settled, may look further afield such as Mellieha (which we have our eye on). So any recommendations? I want somewhere safe (we have a ten month old), a place with things to do or at least not far from things, shops on our doorstep like grocers etc.

Any recommendations would be great.

I live in San Gwann and I love it here.
Its pretty close to St Julians and Sliema and not far from Mosta. All about about 10 minutes on a bus and the buses are regular.
Lots of local shops- Lidl, a small supermarket, lots of clothes shops, grocers, newsagents etc.
Not much here for the little one but there is a small park and a place called "Once Upon a Time" offers storytime etc.
If you are viewing properties, ask for the valley side as in my opinion this is the best place to live. You will find San Gwann much cheaper than living in some other places too. Inbox me if I can be of any more help!

Hey! If you dont drive i dont suggest Mellieha as it is a hassle to get to San Gwann. San Gwann is very nice to live in, you can walk to St Julians in about 20 min the same to Sliema. I think St Julians and Sliema are nice to live in but then again, getting to work would be a bit of a hassle. You can get a flat for 6 months and move to Mellieha when u have your license. I got my driving license in Malta and paid 13 euros an hour for lessons. You can look for flats in Sann Gwann here, at the moment they have 21 flats there.   GOOD LUCK :)

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