Baku - Tax/Money advice required please!

Hello there,
I have just been offered a job to work in Baku and I was looking for some decent informative advice in respect of money and tax concerns mainly. I will be leaving the UK and moving to Azerbaijan in April. This will be the first time for me to take on an overseas role so I am a newbie to this (unfortunately). Hope you can help on topics below:

- How do british expats normally receive and spend money while living in Baku? I think I will agree with the company to pay me into my UK bank account however what will be the best option to make purchase/withdraw money while in Baku that is cost effective?

- I am hoping to start work on the 5th of April which is being agreed with the company however I just wanted to know from a tax point of view what are the implications if I end up leaving the UK in the new tax year? I heard somehwere that you need at least 2 tax years outside the UK to be considered a non resident. Can any UK nationals also tell me if I need to submit any paperwork/forms to the tax authorities/government prior to my departure to the UK?

Any information on the topics above will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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I hope other members will be able to give you information on your topic.

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rockyram dont come here my friend!!!

I greet you Rockyram,

My e'mail is alex.jabarova[at] Write my and I will reply you how to help you in Baku. Our country open for you, there too much opporunities as in UK and any another beautiful countries in the Earth planet:))))

If you are still looking for advice, please provide me with your email address or write me at andra.macri[at] and I shall send info that will for sure help you. I work for a british company and this is exactly our area of expertise.

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