Reunification of family

My boyfriend is now on a temporary stay in croatia for the purpose of scientific research. Is there any change I can join him on a temporary stay for reunification of family? We are not married and we do not have children.  Nor do I want to get married just for this purpose.  Please help. I am from the USA.

Reunification of family means being married to a Croatian citizen. But you can stay here for 90 days out of 180 (6 months).
Or you can get your own temporary stay: if you find a job where they really need you, they will arrange it for you to get the work permit. But as far as I know, that applies only for management positions.

Maybe there is a chance that you can join him. There is more information on this website:

The fact that Croatia will soon enter the European Union will surely change things. Maybe starting with July 2013 you will be able to live here without needing to apply for the temporary stay.

i am living in germany at the moment and my staus is here as asylum seeker.i have been living here since 2 years on asylum.the german goverments allow me to stay here legelly for short period of time but my asylum case has not passed yet and i have not get the refugee status.
Now i want to get marry a fine lady which is from germany.She is ready to go with me to Croatia but i have some concern about my status.could you please guied me about the marriage rule of Croatia, although i have already read alot from the google but i still want to know can i get married here? If yes...then it would take how much time?
i shall be wait for your kind reply


Hi dear, is someone in Croatia can recon few immigration lawyer please

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