Teaching Mandarin by native Chinese speaker

Do you want to learn Mandarin either for your exam purpose or communication purpose.Do you need a tutor help you or your children in Chinese study.
I can help you.
I am a native Chinese speaker living in Singapore.The tuition fee is reasonable.

Hi myteddybear, could you please post an advert in Singapore classifieds > language classes section?



Are you still living in Singapore and teaching mandarin?

abusheikha: Please check the last response when it was posted, before you reply. You can see this message was 5yrs back, so no point to ask the person. If you need to learn mandarin then post your message in a new thread so that people can respond. Thanks

Hi abusheikha,

Note that this thread outdated (2012) and myteddybear  has not been active for 5 years. If you're looking for mandarin classes, I suggest you to drop your advert in the Language classes in Singapore section of the website.

Thank you


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