New girl in Abu Dhabi {mid 20s UK} looking to meet like minded friends

Sorry.  Looking to meet female friends only

Welcome to Louise!



Hi Louise,

I'm a swedish girl, 23 years old who just moved her to do an internship at the embassy. I'm looking for people to hang out with.


Hi Girls,...
any one like to meet for a coffee or movie.. i am new here in abu dhabi ....and looking for some friends to explore and hang around

hellooo all...
am new here also 4 month now . but i managed to get my life back fast ... Good luck all.

Whatcha say all??? let's plan on meeting?

I am ready to meet up.. lets plan time and place...

my name is mansour and just moved to abu dhabi month ago i used to live in al ain im 26 and im very social and friendlly and im always happy and i love always to have fun and to enjoj every moment i love to make friends

i love dancing and im good at it and i also like to party,clubing,all sports ,beach ,and watch movies at the cinemas .and fancy restaurant .if your inersted to be my friend it will be an honerd:)


Ohh man, SCOTLAND! that's pretty cold..I was looking into studying at Heriot but might think it over after being told BORING and GRUMPY PEOPLE..haha  What do you have to say to that?

Ahhm , looking to make a new network of friends. I have no problems getting a bunch of girls to tag along as well. We all lived here for a while, went to private schools and what not, very open and chilled.

Both ways, hope you enjoy your stay here.


hey yah guys!! same here, just recently in auh.. yala, lets meet up.. any bb pins? post. so we can set up.. :)

Welcome to the UAE :)

I'm also from the UK, but from down south. When I moved to Abu Dhabi from London last may, I only expected to be out here for a couple of years and then go back. However, I love my life out here so much that I don't think I'll ever return to the wet and cold of the UK lol.

If you are interested in meeting new people, I organise an expat forum meet up group. We meet on a regular basis to basically just network and meet new people. We all started off as strangers, but I'd like to think we are now all good friends, and you and your partner are both more than welcome to join us. At the end of the day we all started in the same position as you.

Hopefully speak to you soon. :)


If any of you are interested in meeting new people then why not take a look at our expat forum meet up group...where you will see that it's not just you who is looking at making new friends :)

Have a look at the following link:

Hopefully speak with you soon.


Hello everyone .... If you need any advice of fun places in abu dhabi just mssg or ring me .....

Hi im Jith..looking for good friends here.if anyone interested pls rply me...

hi ..
i am rustysoul
i am here in abu dhabi
i really likes to make friendship... to all of them
.. Not any love matter....
so if you are okiee with me..
then reply to me.. or via to my email..


Welcome on board! :) I'm a new member myself and still trying to discover how this forum works! Would love to meet new people! :)

louisectj :


My names Louise.  I'm from Edinburgh, UK with irish roots.  I just moved over here with my other half who's working here as a financier.

I'm mid-20's and work in fashion.  I'm a real girls girl, but I love a bit of adventure and enjoy spending time outdoors and exploring new things.  Along with fashion and interiors, good food and dancing are also some of my other interests.  Travelling and photography are 2 big passions of mine and I am never without my camera!  I also love animals and am hoping to get a dog out here once we're settled.

I love spending time with my guy and we try to make the most out of every weekend to get the most of our time out here.  To us, living here is a new adventure and we intend to fully embrace it!

I miss all my friends back home so i'm looking to meet some (english speaking, preferably female) people with similar interests to get out-and-about with and get to know this new exciting city!

*Looking for friendship only.  No romantic links please*

Can't wait to hear from you!

HI there, am as well new in abu dhabi and its been only a month now. Am looking for some cool and nice people to hang out. Well since I came across your post, drop me a line and we might go out for some drinks.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi and welcome to Abu Dhabi....I hope you will enjoy your time here...if you are looking to have friends...we can meet for a coffee and chat :)

hy this is kamran frm paksitan 27 male . i wana frnd in uae some one then call me 00923458527578

Hi girls, Hi guys !

I'm Richard from France.
I've been living in EAU for 3 months now.
I club every week-end in Abu Dhabi with 2 others "froggies".
Friday night, I would probably move to the liquid party at aloft hotel. I do not know for the moment what about thursday.
If somebody wants to have a drink...

hi there....well i have been here in uae about 4 years now. Would like to meet new people.

Hi I am dileep, Like to meet good friends male or female, sharing experience and knowledge

Hi Louise,

Welcome to AUH!!!!:cool:

DeltaMike Lima

welcome to AD


welcome to abu dhabi, i'm achie, almost living here 2 years now. i come from the netherlands. i also would like to meet more friends.


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Yo dude,

I too am from London, I moved out here a few years back and expected to be here for no longer then two years. I'm not entering into my fourth. Would be great to meet new people.

p.s. I'm currently living in Abu Dhabi  :)

count on me!

I think there is a photography group who go about Abu Dhabi and surrounds every week or two, taking photo's of cool things. Maybe you could look that up.
Welcome to A Dhabz..


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Hello Friend...
like to make new friends.still 3 months in abu dhabi.still no friends in to make friends.any age,
if u r interest plz rply

lookinf for a girl partner who can join me for club parties. i'm 23 years old.....

hi how are you. mail me if you wanna hang out in some nice places

i want 2 friendship with u razag418[at] is my id

Hello guys > is not a dating website.

The subject of this thread is looking for friendship ONLY Girls.

I am in Abu Dhabi and looking friend for time pass, to look movies and long driving

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