Young Swiss woman looking for accommodation in Kampala

I am 23 years old and am originally from Switzerland. I moved from New York to Kampala a couple of days ago to work with an ngo here. I am looking to share an apartment/ house with someone. Please help!!!

Hi pinkcity and welcome to!

I suggest you to post an advert in the Flat share section of the Kampala classifieds, this may be helpful.;)


Thanks for the help!

Hi pinkcity,
I also posted a message yesterday.
I'm Swiss. I live in Rubaga. It's a nice place.
I don't know in which area you work but
I have seen on the same expatblog a room to rent.
The message is room4rent in Rubaga ( by suzanna)
If you need any help, information you can also write to me...
I'm living in Kampala since 6 months with my husband and children and I'm now at ease.
I have a car, which can be useful in some occasions.
You can write to me on my mail address if needed...stanetfanny[at]

Hi Pink city,

welcome to kampala.

in case you havent found a place,i am looking at a locality called bukoto, there might be an additional room there. if the area is of interest to you let me know. also if you find something and are looking for a room mate, can you kindly let me know !


We have something that matches your search...
Pleas contact us.


@Beatrice - you should avoid using your caps lock on the forum. Thank you

I actually have a place now, thanks!

Hi, Did you find accommodation?


Have you found accommodation as yet?

anandhrao :


Have you found accommodation as yet?

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we have a room that will be ready to move in tomorrow. It's a furnished room, in an Expats shared house at Mbuya Hill, near Bugolobi.


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Looking for friends to socialize together with similar thoughts and likes u can contact me

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