Hi, i'll be coming to stay in quito soon-does anyone know about badminton in the city (i know it's not a common  over there but think there's a bit) not looking for proffesionals- i play quite well, but just for fun! thanks, Ali

Hi Ali,

Welcome to!

hi Ali

did you have any luck in finding badminton partners in quito?
im moving to quito middle of march 2012 and would not mind playing badminton, im a sporty kinda guy from london, im not good but can get better with some regular training.

speak soon


hi Allen,  thanks for your message- i've been here two weeks and haven't had much time to investigate as really busy, but no luck yet- some people say theres badminton out of the city. however theres a shop that sells rackets so i figure soemone somewhere is playing- will keep looking and asking-here's my email so drop me a line there if you like and we'll keep in touch. let me know if you have any other questions about quito, saludos cordiales Ali

Hi Ali,

my name is Roberto, I live in Quito. Well, you can play badminton at San Francisco University in Cumbaya (10 min from Quito). I love to much this sport, i played it in MOscow, and i would like to play it again.
If you got some information about playing badminton in Quito, please tell me. I really want to play badminto.

saludos cordiales,


PS. Sorry for my english :)

My name is Jeanne.

I will be travelling to Cotacachi, Ecuador from Australia at the end of November this year. I really enjoy playing badminton and wonder whether anyone out there knows of any opportunities to play this game.

hi iam a badminton player n coach is badminton popular in euador

Hi all.

I am Fyz . planning to move to Quito in 2017. Can I find a badminton court in Quito? I am a good player and I need a partner too.

not possible, as not a lot people in quito play this sport, learn how to play volley ball, its the national game.

good luck

When you are into Badminton you will forget vollyball bcos its the fastest game in the world.

I used to play vollyball but never made me happy.

But each game has its rythm

you wanted some information, i gave it to you! rest is your choice my friend.

good luck

Hi Mr Manoj. Can I get your number in Ecuador? Are you Indian?

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Hey all,

I just moved to quito 2 weeks ago. I am interestend in playing Badminton as well. Any information about a court in Quito so far? Cumbaya wont make it for me...


Where  are u frm? Thee are badminton courts in Quito

Nice to hear!

I am from Germany.

Where are they located?


By doing simple research I know there are badminton courts in Guayaquil, and I think you might have better luck finding courts in Quito by contacting authorities who will give you additional information.

Federacion Ecuatoriana De Badminton
Av. De Laas America, Explanada Del Estadio Modelo GUAYAQUIL , ECUADOR
Tel.: +593 4 2296501 , Fax: +593 4 2296388

Good luck, and If you find some courts please be courteous and share it with us. You can also contact sunset club in quito and ask them about badminton facilities.

Thank you for your good advise. I did not research, bescause I thought some one might know about a court in Quito.

Well I did simple research as well and just found this:
Kao Sports Center en la República E6-296 y Eloy Alfaro, E6-296, Quito

I will probably check that out. If some one wanna join me, just let me know.


Kao Sports advertises itself as the largest sporting (goods) store in Ecuador.

To my knowledge, the store on Avenida de la República does not have a badminton court, however.

cccmedia in Quito

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