Moving to Vevey soon: any advice for an accomodation?

Goodmorning everyone,

I'm new on this site and I find it simply amazing. :)

I'm moving to Vevey soon (in 3 weeks), and I don't have an accomodation yet. It's going to be a long term stay (around 1 year), so I'm looking for a room or a small apartment/residence, but I've never been to Switzerland before, so I don't know exactly where to start from. I'll be working in Vevey, so I guess it would be OK to live in both Lausanne or Vevey, wouldn't it? I'm probably moving by car, so distances won't be a problem.

Does anyone of you have any advice for me?



Hi Irene and welcome to!

You may post an advert in Vaud classifieds > accommodation section.

Hope it helps,

Hi Irene,

We're also new in switzerland and these sites helped us in one way or another. Check these sites - … 13.0.html, and

Happy hunting.

By the way, for tips on how to survive the new suisse life. Check my website -


Did you manage to find an accomodation yet?
I am living in La Tour de Peilz (5 minutes from Vevey), and currently want to change to a bigger apartment.
If you are interested, here is the ad: … &ps=60&p=8

Have a nice day!

yes got one already.


is there anyone interested in moving to an appartemt in montreux or nearby?

I am already living in Montreux. please do not hesitate to contact me.

Diego :)

I managed to find an apartment in Nyon, even though it's a loooong way to go from Nyon to Vevey every day, but I'll surely get used to it soon. :-)
Now, next step: meeting new people!
Thank you guys for your help!

OK Irene,

Congrats. I hope everything is going ok for you. In case you want to meet up or something be free to contact :)


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