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I was offered a job by a Reputed  a company in Oman and they said that I would be replacing a Female candidate and that it would take few days to change it to male visa.That person has already left the company and its been a month now. They are saying, they are facing problems in getting visa clearance and asking me to give them some time. Should i wait?? Would this be true?? Kindly answer.

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Dear Sunil
DG of Labour Affairs will issue Clearance only after considering various things. So ask your company about the reason for delay.

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Thank You. They said that, they are facing problem in ratio of Expats to Omanis.Now what should i do?. Kindly reply.

Dear Sunil
Let me know your designation in your future company.

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Sales Executive (consumables) Biotech department.

Dear Sunil

Omanisation in sales field is more than 65%.
Ask your future company about expected date of visa clearance.If their answer is genuine then wait....Hope for the best

hi all.
i was offered a job by diwan shovel operator visa in oman my agent said(he is working diwan)my all paper work is ok all clear and going immigration but not issue visa this time he said you wait sometime now iam waiting one month .iam calling this week he same answer immigration stop .anybody know oman immigration stop visa issue pls help me

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