Loja, Ecuador

Hey.  My wife and I are looking at Loja for a 3 month stay. Start in September, return home at the end of November, 2012.
What can you tell me about Loja.  I've looked on the web (not much there) but some good videos on utube.  I am trying to get past the sales pitches and find unbiased info.
We'd like to improve our Spanish.  Anyone know of a good Spanish language school there (or a good teacher)? 
Where woud be a good place to rent an apartment? Anyone know a reliable real estate person to help find one?

Hello John and welcome to!

Do not hesitate to browse through the forum, this may be helpful to you.

To improve your Spanish, I may invite you to post an advert in Ecuador classifieds > language classes section.;)

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I don't know much about Loja, I passed by a couple of times in my car and I didn't stop. The trafic was bad.

I live in Cuenca and here is a big expat comunity but I don't know if there's many expats there.
If you're really interested I can do some research about Loja.



Thanks for your reply.  Don't go out of your way about Loja.  On the other hand, if you hear anything about spanish lessions there or apartments to rent, let me know.

How do you like Cuenca?


My best friends (other young ex-pat ladies) lived in Loja and taught at the language institute and university. They said it was beautiful, everything smelled like fresh bread, it was clean, and they liked the fact that it wasn't full of other expats, because they actually became a part of the community as oppose to getting stuck in an English speaking, expat bubble. That being said, in no time at all, they met several other girls from England living there.

The only negative they mentioned to me is that since it is a more quiet family oriented pueblo, they (as hot blooded 20 somethings) got bored for the lack of nightclubs and parties and were constantly coming back to visit me on the coast for the weekends. I don't know if that would be considered a negative for you and your wife though ;)

Hello john C,

I love Cuenca, for me has the perfect size so there's many things to do and visit, restaurants, malls, cinemas etc and you can get to many of them just walking or short trip by bus.
The city has many parks and rivers to relax and the weather is not bad, usually hot in the mornings and rain and cold at night.


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