Indian moving in to Maputo.. Queries on life there...


I am an Indian, considering moving to Maputo and I have almost the same questions that most of you would have had when you first considered a move to this country. I would appreciate if you can answer my questions at the earliest. I am considering an offer from a firm and your expedited answers will help me in deciding on it.

1) How safe is this place to live in? - Physical safety + Health? Heard crime rate is more in Africa. I have never been to African continent.
2) How Expensive is the location? What is the average cost of living : Accommodation (2-bedroom furnished homes with all amenities) in a decent locality + Electricity/Water + Internet + Vehicle (Rent/Buy) + Driver + Maid + Groceries and Fuel - for a comfortable life?
3) Is driving license easy to get and driving a car a common option? Is it right-hand drive or left-hand? Do you get good public transport networks? My job demands a lot of traveling across Mozambique and to nearby countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe.
3)What are the recreational options available In Maputo?
4) Are there good English-medium schools in Maputo - International Schools? My son goes to Senior KG.
5) How about the hospital system? Do the medics speak English? My wife is carrying our second child (early stages). Is it advisable for her to move in with me and do consultation and delivery from there? How about regular healthcare for us? Is it cheap and good?
6) Salary: What is a good monthly salary (in USD)? Or let me rephrase it. What is really required to live a good life there? Please factor in the tax component that gets deducted too. Also, rent, car, food, outings, education, healthcare etc. included.
7) Can you survive with English alone? Do people understand English, at least for daily essentials? Or should we learn Portuguese?
8) Howz the weather? Bearable during all seasons?
9) Howz the place in general? Is it developed? Can you liken it to any Indian/foreign city?
10) How are the people? Their attitude towards expats like us?
11) How far is the travel from India, say Mumbai/Bangalore, by flight? Whats the best option you take? How expensive are the tickets in general?
12) Any banks with branches in India operating there?
12) Are there India groceries or restaurants? Are they common?

I am sorry, that's a lot of questions. However, please put yourselves in my shoes and that would help you realize the same anxiety I have as you had while moving to Mozambique. No Indian friends at this place, as of now. I am used to the Indian culture and so I would like to understand how easily I can adapt to this place. Hence, your speedy response will help me take a quick decision on this.


Max (from India)

Hi and welcome to the forum.

My advice would be to try to do some research on your own on the forum and ask one question at a time. It will be easier for other members to help you ;)


Appreciate if you could respond with answers. I have done enough research in this forum and since the questions were not answered, I had to post this.

My post has most of the questions any foreigner would have while considering a move to Maputo. A good response should help all those browsing through this forum with similar queries.

Hi Max55

I live in Mozambique,just read your post and will try to answer as many of your questions as I can remember.

1.Climate: in summer(mid October to late Feb)temp range from 20-42 degrees Celcius on avarage with lots of rain in january. cold season is between may to August the cold is bearable temps btw 15-25 degrees.

2.Language: About 60% of population speaks english,we have a huge Indian community most of which is Islam, Hindu and Christian.

3.Schools:we have English speaking schools eg: American school,International school, willow school and also kindergarten english schools.

4.Banks: First National Bank, Standard Bank,Barclays, African Union and other Local Banks.

5.Health: we have plenty private clinics which offer the best medical services and doctors from all over the world who are both english and portuguese speaking.

6.Indian restaurants and grocery shops are in abundance as we have a very big Islam and hindu community.

7.Living Expenses: for a comfortable life ( house rent, maid,car,schools, health etc) you could spend up to 10 000usd at most and this is higher class. myself as an example, I live with my Mother and sister we use up to $3000-$4000 on a monthly basis and we have 2 cars and live a comfortable life.

8.Crime: this is quite a problem in Mozambique, the crime is worse in the suburban neigbourhoods but if you keep to the city its much less, but always with caution.

9.Driving licence can be optained within 3-6 monthes, it is a lenghty process as the government offices are very slow and there are very long waiting lists.

10. Recreational options: these are limitless as we have one of the worlds most beautiful beaches and also have the kruger park (game reserve in Nelspruit (South Africa, 200kms from Mozambique.

Mozambica people like to socialise, In general they are friendly and helpful to tourists but always be cautioned of people who try to take advantage or even con you of your money, as this countries biggest crime is corruption. The public service is very slow in government offices and Banks and this sometimes slows down many business opperations. I hope the information I have given you is more or less sufficient.

Good Luck..!!

Thanks a lot for your response 'mozambique'. This certainly helps. I will study your response in depth and get back if I have any further queries.

Hey Mozambique,

Thanks for your extensive reply....& thanks to Max55 for the questions too.
This has helped a lot. 4000 USD or even 10K is too high as a cost of living.
Thanks again tc

Hi mozambique,

Thanks you answered many queries.

I will also be moving here anytime soon.

Can you please advise on food cost (preferably Indian) for staying in Maputo.

Hello friends

I will be moving to maputa Mozambique as i got an offer from mofer group. Pls advice about the company how good is it to work with them.


I am also planing to go to mozambique

Please help me can or what we can do can we create our own online community just in case if we required any of us

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Hello there sumit2411,

This thread is old, you should start a new topic on the Mozambique forum please while clearly expressing your query and please do not write in capital letters, they are used when somebody is shouting on the internet.

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