Haircut for man

Can anyone suggest good haircut salon for man? and how much it cost?

Well I usually go to one in mangef really perfect. and about prices for hair cut it is between 1.5-2 kd , beard 1-2

if they ask more leave and go to another one

thanks Mishari

so im being ripped off @ 3.5KD for both, and a cup o' coffee/ tea? I'm the kinda guy that visits the stylist say, once every 3 or so months maybe? :P

I have one to recommend, excellent work and very good prices. But it depends on where you live?

i live farwaniyah.

I live in Hawalli and work in Kuwaiti city.
From Egypt , a teacher of English
Wat about u ?

A teacher of English who lives in Fintas 1.

I just walked down the street, sat in the chair and indicated what I wanted.  I'm accustomed to communicating with barbers without a common language.

They guy did a nice job and charged me 1KD.

Of course, I'm no beauty queen like Legacy.  :)

I work in shuwaikh as purchasing officer, living in farwaniyah.

Nice to know u
Yr nationality , plz ?

im from philippines mr bald men .

In Salmiya center (old Salmiya souk)  there is a barber and he is brilliant, he is expensive but he will style your hair according to any image you show him on your phone.. He is my go to person when I have an event

What is the name of the saloon? How much?

It's weirdly called virgin touch.. But nobody would know by that name and I wouldn't suggest you walk around asking. It's near the Burger King and it's the only saloon in Salmiya center I believe . Run by Arabs

Oh so it depends on the cut but always ask him how much coz they charge differently . I pay 3kwd but depending on washing styling etc I sometimes pay 5kwd. But the job is always amazing !!

I'll try to visit soon.

Nice, I will visit soon. My house here in farwaniyah.

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