Best areas to live in Athens

My husband (Greek) and I (Australian) are moving to Athens from America with our 18 month old son in October.  We are looking to buy/build a family home/apt (4 bedroom), with the idea that we will be there for some years.  My parents in law live in Papagou and we are considering Cholargos, Papagos or Aghia Paraskevi. 
Does anyone live in these areas? Are they able to tell me the positive/negatives.  Is there any hope of finding a house or is it predominantly apartments?  And/or if anyone lives in another area that they think is great for families, please let me know.
Many thanks in advance!

Hi Priscilla

I am also Australian and i have been living here for ten years.

I live close to the centre of Athens in Kesariani and i love it here mainly because its on top of a hill and i have a huge park across the road that always has people walking around ...and as for feeling safe here....we have one of the largest police depatments here so its family orientated but as for where you would live....i think because you have a small child it would be best for you to stay close to the inlaws...i dont know the area there very well but there are some great places to live...depends if you want to be near the sea or in the suburbs.
Athens is full of aparments but there are areas that have houses for sale...not cheap ofcourse. If you want a head start on searching for a home i would be glad to help you....send me an email and let me know where you think you would like to live .....sea or suburbs...and if something comes up i can let you know. The suburbs are pretty polluted from car exhaust so a little away from main roads and mabey near a park is better...and if your lucky to be on a hill...near public transport and shops....that would be better for you....also since you have a 18 month old might be a good idea to check out the nurseries around athens on the net and try to find a place thats close to one so later on it will be easier for you if you need one.


Hope this helps.


Hello Kristi,
Thank you for your very helpful response! I will send you an email directly in the next couple of days.

Hi! I don't have any suggestions, as I am new to all thi, but I am so surprised that the first post I read involved to Aussies! I'm originally from Adelaide and living in London now, looking to move to Athens in September.

Good to see that my fellow Australians are stamping their mark around the globe :D

Hi Priscilla,

The areas you are interested are very nice & MUCH less polluted than center Athens of course, they are however considered much more $$$ areas, I'm sure you can find a place(house)if you have the $$$.:P
The areas you chose as I said are very good neighborhoods considered middle class and up. You may wanna take a look at these links to get an idea of housing(if you're buying)

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Κeep in mind that 'houses' are MUCH more expensive than apartments or triplex/fourplex (mezonetes)

if you're looking to rent with some searching you can probably find something decent priced(depending on how big you want the place to be etc)

Hi girls!! I see you are really helpfull :)...I'm going to relocate in Athens for a while and would like to know from you what do you think about the area called "Academia Platonos", that it is next to the metro "Metaxourgio" and to the metro "Keramikos"?.

These areas are also too expensive for a big house.

The best is to go outside Athens. Places like Markopoulo havegood transportation with the center.

Lighea my cousin and grandmother live in Metaxourgeio, this is basically the centre of Athens and very busy.
Tell me your needs(is it for work/ study?What are u looking to spend per month? Where will u work and/or study? Area?)

And I can give you some info! :)
Markopoulo is too far from Athens unless you have a car, I dont think any foreigner OR local wants to travel back and forth on a daily basis to and from Athens,be it car or public transportation:/

Hello Koukla :),
For some reason I am only just seeing your response now. I was checking back regularly for some time and nothing showed, so I'm sorry for that.
Thanks for your advice.  We actually found a great place to rent in Kiffisia and will move in just one month from now.  Exciting times....
I will definitely refer to the sites you mentioned once we begin looking for a place to buy.
Thanks again,

Congrats Pricilla!
Kiffissia is a very nice and quiet suburb of athens, have u arrived in Greece already?

looking to move to Athens at the end of August.
My daughter goes to ACS school on kazantzaki street,
my work on Kifisias, looking for a safe clean area, My daughter is 12 years old.please advise.
2 bedrooms 2 baths, around 750 euros??

If you are looking to live in Athens for a long time with a family, I highly recommend Vrilissia.  Preferably near Platia Analypseos.  Very many coffee shops, restaurants, large sidewalks, a lot of greenery, nice parks, not many cars off of the main street, right next to the Attiki Odo, the train to the airport and the metro for downtown.  Seriously, I grew up near there and have fond memories.  Your child will thank you.

I went to ACS myself for 10 years.  Proud Lancer.  I know the area, and Vrilissia is ideal, or Ano Vrilissia.

Nefeli, Kristi and Priscilla, I am also from Australia, I have been here now for 8/9 months, and have only met one other Australian! it is nice to know there are others....


What is the quality of life in Kallithea, Nea Smyrni and Palaio Faliro?

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