visa in kuwait

what is the difference bewteen visa 18,20,22 and what is a transferable just curious...

transferable visa entitles u to change jobs freely without hassle, that being article 18.

article 17 I THINK is for family dependency, sometimes expat students in university here, because when u have ur parents here, u are a dependent on your father, meaning he is your sponsor, once u (as a guy) pass the age of 21 u are no longer liable to be a dependent on ur fathers visa and need to find a job. girls can remain on article 17 until they get married.

20 and 22, im not sure. im guessing one of them is for hired help, which is non transferable, meaning they cannot change employers, and must leave the country and return with new papers should they find new employment.

anyone else is free to amend this as they see fit.

Visa 17 is a working visa issued by the Ministry of Kuwait (Government sector)
Visa 18 is a working visa issued by Private companies.
Also, there's this Visa 18 F that's called Commercial visa that your employer needs to renew every month which is issued first before you can have your Visa 18. This is like a temporary working visa permit until your papers have already undergone through the Ministry approval etc.
Visa 20 is a working visa issued specifically for the Helpers.
Visa 22 is the Family or Dependent Visa issued to an expat spouse who has a Visa 17 or 18 and to their kids. This is transferable to a Visa 17 or 18 but the holder must stay in Kuwait continuously for at least a year before the transfer would take place. This is in accordance with the new Kuwait Labor Law.

Visa 20 is the only one that is not transferable since once you've been released by your employer you need to go back to your country of origin before you can apply again for another work.


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What if she released by her employer and want to exit in dubai? There would be a problem?

She is 20visa, she's unfinished contract but her employer willing to release her

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