English and German teacher

Hey everybody,

I'm a native German but also speak English fluently so I would like to teach English or German.
I have experience tutoring English and German, one on one or for small groups of no more than six.

Sessions can be speaking and listening based or a mix of grammar and speaking.

I'm very flexible on tutoring times and location.

Rates are negotiable

Thanks, Leonie

Hello Leonie and welcome to the forum.

You should post an advert in HCMC classifieds > language classes section, this may help.;)


Dear Leonievont

I am looking for a German teacher to teach for me in my office. Please repply me by this email if you are interest.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Leonie,

I have done my C1 in German from GOETHE Institute in India.

Will it be possible for you to coach me for C2 exam?

If not, can you recommend me another suitable teacher in Ho Chi Minh?

Thank you.



Ich suche einen Deutschen Lehrer oder eine Deutsche Lehrerin. Mein Deutsch Niveau ist B1/B2.
Hier ist meine Email address: tan.nguyen2210[at]gmail,com und meine Skype Addresse ist tan.nguyen2210.

Können Sie mir B2 unterrichten?

Danke schön im Voraus.

Hi Tan > you should write in English in the English speaking forum by the way, this is an old topic. Thank you


Thanks. Yes i will write everything in English from now on.


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Hi Lione,
I'm a student living in district 2, HCM city. I'm totally new to German, my English is fluent. Could you give me email address or mobile number so we can discuss more ? Mine is vo.lam.thanh.tra[at] Thank you.

Hi Leonie,
I'm going to Austria this autumn, and now I would like to find a teacher to improve my German. Please contact me or give me your email if you have any interest.

Hallo Leonie

My mane ist Kitty I study Germany Language B1. But i can't good speaking

This is my Gmail.

I want ask you something
Viel Danke!

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Hi Leonie, are you available to discuss possible English lessons for my Fiance?

Kind Regards



Pls drop me an email here


Cheers Tan

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Dear Leovineont,

I am a male Vietnamese journalist that would like to study German in the next 2-3 weeks to prepare for a trip to Germany. Could you help me with that? My email is ***

Thank you for your time,

Hai Minh

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She posted one time in 2011, so I wouldn't expect her to answer any time soon.

Here's a link to an online class that's free:

Free Online German Class

Thank you Mar,

The site is very helpful. How about you, are you German and by coincidence are in HCM City?

I'm teaching German in Bien Hoa and can share you my study and living experiences in Germany. I was there for 7 years.
If you are interested in, feel free to contact me ;)

I am looking for a teacher. I have three our class on Sunday's. My class is in Tanbinh. If you are interested in, please email me.
I will give you further information later

Hello all

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Hi Leonie,

Is your offer still available? if yes, I am in HCMC and would like to discuss with you in further. Please let me know.



Hello all :cheers:

Since this thread has been created in 2011, and the member is no more active, I am presently closing down this thread.

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