Looking for making friends in Burnuei and meet people with ambitions

Hi, I am from Maldives. Which is a small island nation located in south asia. I am looking for making from all over the world. Burunei is one of my dream destinations. I would love to meet people from Burunei.


Hi Jaufar,

Welcome to! :)


so much for meeting people? lol I dont think anyone trusts anyone else here. Check the local papers for petty crime rate.

@sandraenglandlondon - you are a bit off topic. your comment doesn't help. ;)

Christine :

@sandraenglandlondon - you are a bit off topic. your comment doesn't help. ;)

Maybe I didn't make it clear. Most petty crimes are here are done by people who actually know others. You befriend some locals, they have this perception that westerners are all loaded so its okay to steal from them. Also they know foreigners don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining to the authorities - no judicial review either.

i try to find the comany wich is the immigration agent.

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