Looking For New Friends in Thailand

Sorry Erika. Just see your message. Hope u can find phone number of flower traders already.

In case of any help, u can contact me😍

Hello everybody,
I just arrived 6 months ago and I live and work in Phuket.
I would love to have a drink and chat around a coffee.
Don't hesitate to contact me

Hello Christi,

I am Took. Am Thai living in BKK. In case u come to BKK. Feel free to contact. Love to hv a chat with u😃


I'm a retired senior Officer of Govt. of India, aged 64 years, living at Kolkata, India. Apart from other hobbies like photography etc. I'm very fond of traveling and making new friends irrespective of age. If you like to make friendship with me please write me

Hi new to Thailand too. Feel free to add as friend. Love to catch up. Have lovely Thai wife who speaks good English. If come to Bangkok always welcome.

R u using what apps ? Might be easier to contact. I am using both whatsapp and line. In case u want to contact me via those channel

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Great me and my wife who is Thai would love to meet with you. Can she add you on line? Much easier she speaks Thai. Let me know.

I will come to Bangkok in next 2 weeks for 5 days. I like to visit pagodas to study buddhism there. Is there anyone have same hobby or understand history, we can share


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Are you living in Thailand and if so where?
Do you have a job?
Are you looking for friends?


How are u all,

I am living and working in dubai, into marketing.



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Nice to meet you. My name is wasana .  It should be nice if we meet together.

Welcome to Bangkok


Hi there!  As mentioned in my other post, I've been in BBK for 5, coming on 6 weeks now. I manage a company that sells and services heavy machinery. I've finally managed to get my limpy butt out to the velodrome and make my legs sore. It was so good, I didn't care that my ankle paid for it later.  :D

Anyway, it's been over a month, and as I have yet to make new friends, I think it's time I start! My primary language is English, my Chinese is passable in casual conversation, and I am learning Thai, albeit slowly.

Hi all! I'm from US moving to Chantaburi next month - hoping to make friends? Anyone :)

Hi Bee,  What are you studying?

:)  Cliff


nice to meet you. hope to see you soon.

have a nice day


Hi guys
I am Trang, I will have a week to visit Thailand on this Dec, this will be the second time I travel to this lovely country. This time I will go to Pattaya, Bangkok, Krabi. I would love to make new friends with expat and local people.

My name is Waidhya. I'm from Bangkok. I'd love to learn how to speak English. I hope that someone from this page can help me with that. Please message me if you need help with your Thai because I'm fluent in Thai. (: Take care.

Hey! My name is Kiwi, 26 and I'm a pro golfer with my own golf school in Bangkok. If you're still in Bangkok, please feel free to contact me at my whatsapp at xxx
If you're down, we could hang out
Thank you so much
Best Regards

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Hi belle..nice to know u ..may i?

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