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Hi Dianne,my question is,Are the documents for fiance visa in switzerland must be red ribbon?or only the CENOMAR and NBI?

  I come Cebu  also  I'm new  her in Switzerland... So  you can  search in Google preparation of marriage visa in Switzerland.. So you can  ask  about  all requirement.. And yes you need police clearance and translate into German and you need your NSO certificate..

Were your NSO and other documents are in Red ribbon? Did you go to DFA?

Hello Mauwin, I like to ask something.were your NSO and other documents are in red ribbon? Did you went to DFA?

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@Millanar, be patient, you posted the same question twice  :)  If somebody has the answer, he will guide you.

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hi there.. hope you can help me.. po about the marriage visa to switzerland from philippines..
dapat po ba kasama yung bf pag lodge ng application?

Are you still in St. Gallen?

I am waiting for my visa, my fiance is from St. Gallen in Marbach.



Your  fiance must get his Legal Capacity in Swiss Embassy Makati for you to get married in the Philippines.
You must bring your CENOMAR and PSA/NSO Birth Certificate also.


THANKS MS.FLORA for the response.... im currently in dubai.. and we are both working here. 4 years n kmi partner is from neuchatel, switzerland... pero babalik na cia ng switzerland this november to get a job there,, tapos susunod ako.. im also waiting for my annulment decision sa pinas.. hopefully ill start the processing by march next year.. kelan ka po ng process??? sna makuha mo na visa mo.. ill pray for you.. God bless you po!

we are planning to get married in switzerland kasi matanda na grandparents niya.. di na kya magtravel..

I applied last July 28 2016 in Swiss Embassy Makati. Our papers for marriage in my fiancè's municipal just been forwarded to Migration Office and from there it will be sent to Berne in our Filipino Embassy Switzerland then to Makati, we are estimating it  within this month, on the 28th I will call the visa department for follow up.
So if I will get the visa I will do the CFO Seminar and will probably fly by 2nd week of November.

Goodluck on your annulment it is expensive.
I found a lawyer who his PF is 50kphp.


In my case, my fiancè was with me, I think its not necesary but it is easier of he is with you as there are lots to fill up.

Good luck po! sana ako lumabas na decision ng annulment ko pra makstart na din kami sa paper works.. and hopefully ill meet u one day in switz.. ive been there last march,, ganda dun napakapeaceful kaso maaga nagsasara mga shops noh.. magbaksayon ulit kmi ng bf ko jan sa pinas next week and we'll try to visit swiss embassy in makati pra malaman ano mga kailangan gawin namin.. accomodating din ba sila?

Mine wasnt in red ribbon, the embassy will do the verification.

noted po.. slamat tlga.. yun din tlga balak niya.. na dapat sabay kami punta sa swiss embassy sa makati,, by march next year mag resign nko dto dubai.. mas gusto ko jan mag process ng papers kesa dto.. tska gusto ko muna makasama family ko.. :)
balitaan mo po ako pag nkuha mo na visa mo.. :)

Ms. Reyes is very accommodating and will really help you sa lahat ng kailangan.

cge hahanapin ko cia dun hehe.. :)

Sure, sana nga matapos na to.
Very basic lang naman ang requirements.
CENOMAR, POLICE CLEARANCE translated to German Language. (They will give their lists of translators) 1200 ang bayad.
visa fee about 3,500, marriage application prepare ka 20k, may sukli ipadala nia cheque.

thank you!

No need na pala yun nbi clearance? police clearance lang? anyway im so happy na meron nag reply sa query ko.. God bless you and lets claim na next week dumating na visa mo.. yun visa D cnbay mo dun sa pag submit ng documents??
sabi kasi sakin ng mga ka work ko dito mahirap daw mag process sa pinas.. madali lang pala.. :)

No. You can do it alone. He doesn't need to be there. Just be guided accordingly with the requirements for the TYPE D Visa for Switzerland. That is what you need to follow if you guys intend to get married in Switzerland.

Stop entertaining unwanted worries about going through the processing because there is no room for any worries at all. Just follow through the check list of the requirements.

You can find the requirements online by visiting the Swiss Embassy's website in the Philippines.

As far as I can remember, all you need are the ff.:
1.NSO-issued birth certificate. Best to get also a copy of your birth certificate from your local civil registrar esp.if your late registered.
2.NSO- issued CENOMAR
3.Police Clearance (get it from the police post of the place where you live/domiciled). Then have it translated to any of the 4 official languages of Switzerland.
As for the list of the authorized/accredited translators, you can get the list online from the Swiss Embassy's official website. I had mine translated in the German language by Ms.Princess (forgot the family name, but she is in the list so you may choose to contact her.) You can scan your police clearance then send it to her via E-mail and just hand her over your payment at the same time when she hands you the original copy of the translated police clearance. I paid more or less PHP1k.
4. It is also important that you attend the counseling for Filipinos Overseas. I guess you can schedule your appointment online by now. Unlike before, you need to go as early because only a limited number per day are accepted. It is very important to attend this because they will assign a number for you as an immigrant in Switzerland and there is this sticker-type that is attached on your passport. Unless you have it, the Philippine immigration officers will not allow you to proceed to the boarding area on the day of your flight.
5.There are other requirements. But so far, the above 4 are very important. But of course, you need to follow all the requirements.

There is no such a thing that you need to have your documents "authenticated by the DFA, a.k.a. "red ribbon".

As for the requirements on your fiance's side, he has to ask the "Gemeinde" where he lives.

Again, let me reiterate...Feel relax. Trust the Swiss Embassy's staff assistance as you go through the processing. You can always ask via phone calls. Feel free to do so. Be free to ask what you don't know direct to the staff.

Know your fiance's:
Parents' name
Your fiance's birthday
Your fiance's birth place
Get a photocopy of his passport

AND there is a form you need to fill up. That is written in the German language. Whatever you don't understand, feel free to ask the staff assisting you at the Swiss Embassy.

Also: KNOW WHAT FAMILY NAME YOU WILL USE AFTER MARRIAGE. Either you follow your husband's family name or you retain your family name as is.

In 2013, I paid about PHP20K plus for the type D Visa.

After you get your Type D VIsa and once in Switzerland, there are still some processing to be done. You have to remind your fiance to always inquire about the things that are needed to be done until you finally exchange your "I dos!".
And after your marriage, there are still things to be done. All of these, you can always ask from the "Gemeinde" either from the "Einwohnerkontrol" or the "Zivilstandsamt".

Processing is a tedious process. Be patient!

After the marriage, don't forget to register your marriage at the Philippine Embassy in Bern. Call first to schedule for an appointment.

It is also best if you can renew your Philippine Passport a.s.a.p. because of the change of name, if you use your husband's family name.

Do not forget also to get a Type B Residence Permit after the marriage. This can be processed at the "Einwohnerkontrol" of the "Gemeinde" where you are residing in Switzerland. Then you will be required to go to the "Migrationsamt" of the "Kanton" where your place of residence is under for your biometrics. The Type B Residence Permit is renewable yearly up to 5 yrs and afterwhich, it becomes Type C.

To Miss Gemini478, thank you so much for your informative reply! grabe covered mo na lahat ng questions ko.. sinave ko na nga cia sa pc ko... thanks din daw po sabi ng partner ko.. pareho kami nsa Dubai right now..pero mauuna na cia sa switz sa December tapos uwi ako pinas by march to process.. hopefully lumabas na annulment decision ko by December.. namotivate ako sa mga reply niyo.. :)  papachange ko tlga agad name sa passport ko after ng annulment.. :) how is life in Switzerland po pala? :) my partner is from the French part,, ang hirap matuto ng French,, hehe.. :)´s not necessary he´s with .as long as you have all the documents it´s enough


Most Welcome!
I've been there, done that... ^_^

Aha, so maybe you need to inquire further if the annulment decree is part of the docs you need to submit on your side. If it needs to be translated too. Ok? Just call the Swiss Embassy.

About the French language, for now worry not. You can learn it once you reside here. It is part of the integration process.Of course, it pains not to have few words to come in handy!;-)

Please tell your fiance to know the requirements from his "Kanton" & esp.his "Gemeinde". It is not the same for every "Kanton" & "Gemeinde". Maybe since he is also in Dubai, there will be additional requirements. It depends where you guys will get married. In Dubai? Or here in Switzerland?

Now, best is you plan when you will go to the Philippines. The sooner you start the processing, the closer you are to your wedding day!^_^

Hi! Even before you get your visa; you may attend the CFO seminar in advance. Just go there again later once you get your visa for the attachment of the "sticker-type" assigned Immigrant No.
To verify this, feel free to contact the CFO.

I prepared some pics with me & other proof of our communication/relationship during the day of the seminar just in case they will be asked. So far, not. There will be first a lecture-type seminar. Afterwhich, a one on one Q&A with the person who conducted the seminar. Please feel relax. Don't let yourself be intimidated.

Yes. Indeed very easy!
Re:NBI Clearance just secure a copy even if not needed.It is also good to have a document on hand to prove you are clear from any criminal case involvement. You can secure one while waiting for the result of the visa processing.

Sa switzerland po kami ikakasal kasi jan na namin plan mag stay.. nagresign na po fiance ko,,  by december nasa switzerland na cia.. :)

tnx po tlga sa lahat ng info.. :) pnprint ko na nga lahat ng cnsbi mo :)

hi ms gene thanks sa response.. ilang months po inabot nung sayo bago ka nkpunta switzerland?

@ TEENA1126 > Can you please post in english only on this english speaking forum?


Priscilla  :cheers:

@ TEENA1126  well, in my case it took 11/2 months is husband did process it here in Switzerland.not in Manila.i went only to Manila to let them stamp the Visa on my passport.

Hello Teena,
I already got my Visa, flying on the 7th of Nov.2016.
Hope you will finished your papers soon.

Thats great news!!! sna tlga lumabas na decision ng annulment ko and thank u sa pag inform sakin!!! God bless u!! nkakainspire.  sna lagi ka p rn mg online pra pag kailngan ko ng help mdali kta ma message..

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Ate kailangan paba mgmedical to process the visa o hndi na?

Hindi na. US lang may ganyan.
Very easy pagkuha ng Marriage Visa for Switzerland.


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