Expat living in Boracay - About Internet, rental and visa run

I am currently living in South Korea but considering moving to The Phillipines for 6 months or so.

Can anyone advise on how the internet connection is in Boracay as I need to have a good connection for my work?

Also rent of apartments etc and how quickly can the internet be connected once I rent a place ( I will need to start work as soon as!)

Also, does anyone have advice on the easiest way to stay for 6 months without having to do 'visa runs' ? (I am British)

Many thanks

Hello Martin Iball!

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Hi Welcome to Boracay is a holiday destination especially during summer time. You can get fast internet service among the top Internet provider: Smart/PLDT. Check this out for you plan to stay 
About Visa Info as British Citizen you are allowed to saty for 21 days without visa..this is a n official site of the Immigration, check it out..

If you plan to stay for 6 months, then you may try to apply for a tourist visa or if it doesn't require you visa to enter, then just go to Philippines and as soon as you arrive to your destination try to visit the nearest Immigration office in Boracay.You should  bring your passport 2x2 picture white background 2 pcs. and money. Log to their visitors book, fill up the form for the Alien Certificate of Registration, pay your application it is around 10,000 PHP as I remember, and then in a week you have to come back to them. They will give you card it looks like ATM card  there is written Republic of the Philippines Bureau of Immigration ( Alien Certificate of Registration ) there is your data written on it, It is valid for 1 year actually, But then don't forget to visit immigration office every 3 months, or it depends to the instructions they given you.They could ask you to visit every 2 months or every 3 months, and then pay for around Php 2,000  or not higher than Php 3,000.00 every 3 months or it depends when they say you visit every 2 months then pay every 2 months. Just bring your passport.

No Visa runs needed, you can stay up to 3 years now as an European citizen (this used to be 14 months but has changed recently to 3 years).

Internet is not fast but my connection there (living there as an expat) is stable. I use PantelCo and you can get connected within a week.

Apartments are easy to find but availability of cheaper ones will be limited during high season.

You can apply for a 6 months tourist visa here in Phils at the immigration office. The ACR card applies after you have stayed 59 days.....Many stay 30 days then get 1 month renewal, after that they allow 2 month renewal....or get a longer tourist Visa in UK at the Phils Embassy there. Yes, after 3 years continuous tourist visa renewals you have to leave, but can return.....


For info, the initial thread is dated 2011.

Thanks for those additional informations who might be useful to other members.


I live in Boracay. We have cable here with Internet, so it works good. I don't think it is hard to rent here in the off season, but come hi season, it s a lot harder. So, I would definitely get here early. Having said that, I don't rent, I own my place. But I have a friend that comes here every year, and he plans way ahead.

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