Camera Shop at Saigon Tax Centre

I was told by a local friend that Saigon Tax Centre is the place to go if i want to buy camera / camera equipment.

Question is, there are several shops there. Which one is the one giving best service?

Also, is the price there fixed or still can reduce?


My friend bought a sony digicam last summer and the lady gave her 10% discount.I was told they wont give u discount bigger than 10%.They do give u small stuff like camera bag or small cloth for cleaning your camera. I hope other members can share their experience.

ah ic thanks.

some of the shop people are so snobbish. the moment i ask whether the price can reduce, they give a sour face and take back their things. i'm kind of having phobia doing shopping in vietnam. it's like a crime to ask for discount.

Try Tan Long inside the Tax center on the ground floor.
Their prices should be as good or better than US prices or Singapore prices.
They can give you some reductions, not much, if you are a regular customer.
Best that you check out what it costs in Amazon and go there and check them out.

Kiet camera is good place to buy also!

The best shop - cheapest with biggest selection - is Vinh Hung Camera at the ground floor. There are 3 next to each other and it is the one in the middle. Khanh Long is may be slightly better, however, some of the staff would cheat you, if they can. They have a big selection of both new and second hand equipment.
If still looking for some equipment, then send me a note.

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