Hey ladies, good hairdresser/salon recommendation?

I was also going for a couple of years to a guy who now works out of his flat.
He is a master stylist here, had a shop of his own for a long time on Vaci Utca, but closed down and now has redone his flat to a half salon.
He is a bit of a trip, sings Elvis songs and is very flamboyant.
I had to give up on him after 2 not so perfect cuts however. Really a surprise that he did 2 bad cuts in a row.
If you want to take a chance for around 6,000 forint and have your hair done in a private flat without all the fuss you could give him a try out.
He is very popular with the well to do older ladies from what I saw.
He has more then 35 years cutting experience so again, the 2 bad cuts were not expected.They were not horror cuts but not up to his usual quality.
Varga Istvan
Veres Palne u.4-6.
3 em.doorbell 41
Does speak English but very limited to hair business only.
Has an assistant and can get in the same day. Just ring them up and they will either take you right away or tell you when to come back if they are busy.

Please post where we can come to get a good haircut from you.

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Thanks for the stylist info.
Will check it out when I return to Budapest this summer.
My husband speaks perfect Hungarian so language is no problem. ( He's a local boy)
I like to support small business people whenever possible and the place on Rakoczi is near by for me, perfect, thanks again...

Try out the Hair Zone.
László speak good English. I have used him a couple of times when I visit Budapest.
Radnoti Miklos u. 41
1137 Budapest
Mobil: +36 70 596 2019

Best to text him for an appointment.

Say hi fro Lotte and Laszlo from Geneva :cheers: )

I went twice to A list salon in Pest. Saw Ann.
First haircut was very basic, just a simple slightly layered bob, A lined a bit in the back.
Didn't want anything drastic for my first time in there.
Ann was a senior stylist, not a master.
Second visit, she did exactly the same old boring cut but so sloppy in the back that I asked her to recut it. Got home and noticed several tags hanging in the back, had to have my husband help me reach them to cut them off, she never even touched my bangs although I asked her to do so.
I am currently still a cosmetologist in the US, have been cutting hair off and on since 1978.
Worked in both high end and low end salons in several US states and do have a few expectations for my money.
My second cut was really bad at A list, she even charged the max price, more then what should should of for a senior and not master stylist, no problem, the difference just came out of her tip.
Time for another cut but so far I am thinking of growing it down to my waist, can't seem to find anyone who can me consistant with their work, so sad makes me wonder how they passed their exams.
I have noticed in the years of getting cuts all over Budapest, for some reason they usually do a better cut when my Hungarian husband comes with me. Every time I get comfortable and go alone, I am usually sorry.
Too bad because it is a nightmare to drag him along.
A-list was very peaceful and set up nice but the cuts were very bad.Not fun to pay 7,000 and go home and recut everything.

Thanks, I'll look them up online.

Hey everyone, this thread helped me few times when I needed a good hairdresser, thanks a lot for you recommendations. I especially liked Lolli (Lolly?), next to Basilica, she does great haircuts.
Now, I want to contribute a bit and share my terrible experience with Q***** salon (one at Blaha), so you can avoid it.
I went there to dye my hair into my natural color, which is darker than what I used to wear. Nothing fancy or complicated, just simple dying. Naturally, I have typical Eastern European hair color - deep brown with little gold in it.
They turned me black. Literally. My hair are more black than Shrimp's fur, a tuxedo cat that lives in our house. Pure, uncomplicated, naked black. Well, now, after few days, it got also some suspicious green shade.
With my fair skin, light eyebrows and pale eyelashes it looks terrifying. Just awful. Very unnatural. When I saw it in the mirror the first time, I started crying.
"This is not what I wanted, - I said. - and I look awful".
"It's gonna be lighter once we blow dry it, - the only-english-speaking-lady-in-the-whole-place told me. - don't worry".
She was wrong.
Dry, it was as black as wet.
I was speechless and kept crying.
No one apologized or even pretended they are sorry. Instead, they walked me through all the phases starting from gaslighting and refusal ("this is not black, you just don't know how black looks like") to unpersuasive excuses ("it's very hard to die light hair, no colors stick to it" - really, that's why people bleach their hair before dying, to make the whole process more difficult?!), lies and attempts to put the whole responsibility on me ("that's exactly what you asked us to do", "you will wash your hair two times and you'll get color you wanted, black will get washed away" - I washed my hair as soon as I got home, and water running from it was as pure as baby's tears; I washed them three times by now, still black).
After all, I got an indeclinable offer: to pay them almost twice what I already payed for ruining my hair, and they will try to lighten it. With no satisfactory result guaranteed.
Well, no, thank you, I better find a real hairdresser instead, how does that sound?

I am so sorry to hear about your "hair raising" experience.
I am a hairdresser( now retired) from the US.
I have posted on this topic in the past and have had some terrible cuts here in Hungary as well as a few good ones, hit and miss even with the same person doing the work.
Going back to natural can be as hard to get right as going blonde with dark hair, when it comes to color one can not skimp, it is an art in and of itself.
You need a colorist with years of experience.
Those quick cut places usually hire straight out of school and most people just don't have the know how.
I wonder if they used any fillers on your hair before adding color, doesn't sound like they did.
For my last cut I finally went back to "my guy" Istvan Varga.My husband didn't like one of his cuts on me so I wandered to several other hairdressers for the past 18 months or so but decided at least with Steve I wouldn't walk out looking crazy, maybe not exactly what I thought I was going to get but not insane either.
I asked him last time I was in how much for a color and cut, this was for a friend of mine since I do my own coloring at home. He quoted me at 14,000 for a color and cut. Of course with corrective coloring it could be more.
He used to own his own salon for many years on Vaci Utca. He is in his 60's now so set up shop in his flat, doesn't need all those long hours working, just does some out of his place now days.
I would recommend him for your corrective color work. At least pop over and talk to him about what can be done, he is nice if a bit eccentric.
He takes walk-ins.
Budapest V. Verespalne Utca, misplaced the apt. no but his phone is: [moderated: no phone number on the forum please] or
[moderated: no phone number on the forum please]
He is open from 10 am to early evening.

Ok, I just found the exact address for Varga Istvan.
Budapest V. ker.
Veres Palne  u. 4-6.
3 em. # 41
phone is now: 36-30-924-2003

Steve had a lady doing most of the coloring working with him but not sure if she is still there. she was 6 months pregnant my last visit and may be taking some time off for awhile.
He has nice professional set up in his flat.
In any case could you post where Lolli is working in case my guy decides to retire for good.

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Had my haircut yesterday by Luis Vargas, a fellow ex pat.
Wonderful cut!! Love it.
He is a breath of fresh air, friendly knows his stuff and makes one feel welcome and comfortable.I would recommend him to everyone.
Look up his web site for address and phone no.
Thanks Luis, looking forward to my next cut!!!

Hey, I realize this thread is horribly outdated by now but I'm going to Lolli's salon this week and was wondering about price range, as she only takes cash. Don't want to come unprepared! Thanks so much for the recommendation, she seems like the perfect fit for me, from the short interaction we've had.

Appreciate any info you might remember!

Why not look online and see if they have a web page with a price list.
Most haircuts  are between 5,500 to 9,000 in Budapest for women.
I tip at least another 1,000 on top of the bill.
You can also just ring them up and ask what is the general price for hair of your length.

Also bring a bit of change at least a 200 forint for the shampoo person. They work harder then the stylists do sometimes.

I have checked online, she works alone without a shampoo person :) But I know people in this thread have been to her salon, so I figured I might be able to get a more exact price range.

Thanks anyway, I'll just bring a little extra cash just in case.

Hope the cut works out for you, let us know.

Marilyn Tassy :

Had my haircut yesterday by Luis Vargas, a fellow ex pat.
Wonderful cut!! Love it.
He is a breath of fresh air, friendly knows his stuff and makes one feel welcome and comfortable.I would recommend him to everyone.
Look up his web site for address and phone no.
Thanks Luis, looking forward to my next cut!!!

Thank you Marilyn Tassy it's nice having you over always a pleasure an great stories.. See you soon xx

Need a trim very soon!!

I wanted to share my terrible experience with the ****, Budapest.

There was a promotional offer on Facebook by the hairdresser working there that the first visit will be for free. Therefore, I wasn't thinking longer but contacted him and went there for my first free visit. The staff and this hairdresser were speaking very broken English, but enough to inform me at the end that I have to pay 23 000 ft! I was shocked, I mean it should have been a free visit?

I got very confused and I paid, but then on the way home I started thinking how cheated I felt and I returned and said I consider it wrong that they charged me and not to say so so much !!, and they just showed me their price list and: sorry, only cut and blow dry were for free, coloring was not... :O

Additionally, I didn't get any receipt until I asked for it and it was without any specifications but just a receipt with the typed sum of 23 000 ft. I was thinking, what if I said sorry I don't have this money and I will not pay, what would they do? Or if I said I have to go to ATM and never came back? I felt so bad and cheated and this feeling still doesn't go away :-(.

So, I do recommend you to avoid this place.

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Omg that's so bad I feel for you. Check Facebook there's more information. Also expat groups depending where you're from better you ask there.

see you tomorrow 😀

Luis is my guy , he will hook you up next time .
I will mention that you must always read the fine print no matter what country you are in.
I am a cosmetologist in the US, I have worked in shops where they might run an add once in awhile.
They are usually promos which state cut only, one service only etc.
Color takes allot of work and knowledge to get right and I have never seen a free coloring done anywhere unless it is in combo with a paid service.
It was just a misunderstanding Next time you are unsure of anything ask ahead of time.

I really do not know what would of happened if you didn't have money or a credit card on you.
Perhaps they would ask to hold one of your valuable items until you paid, let you ring a friend to bring over payment or worst case, call the cops .
Scary thought.
I am visiting Luis today for a cut, I trust him if there was any issue that he would know I was good for it. It is a good idea to build a good relationship with your stylist in the future.
I've been there running to different shops every few months and being disappointed.

Thank you Marilyn 😀

No, thank you Luis, I'm "rockin" my new cut. love it!

Happy to hear darling 😘😘

I went to Lolliland, got a wonderful haircut. Lolli is super sweet and charming, loves to speak English, and her studio is funny and quirky.

I got color and cut, it was 17,000. Comparable to US prices.

My hairdresses is not expensive and he is quite friendly. All my friends who have cut their hair there are happy, I think he is quite good. His name is Gábor, but the hair salon's name is Gabriele, it is on Kértesz utca, near Király utca.
He speaks fluent Spanish, not sure about English though...

Hi can i get contact number please as i m new to budapest and need a haircut i m a male.

Aaro c :

Hi can i get contact number please as i m new to budapest and need a haircut i m a male.

Not sure if you  comment is directed my way or not but my friend and stylist is named Louis and works in the 6th district at Brush Salon.
He may be out of town this week, not sure.

I m accepting nat kind of details at the moment

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