Driving licence question

How does one go about getting a drivers licence in Jeddah?  I have one issued in my home country.

Hi mariushendricks!

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Good luck

go to the driving school with the required documents. that would include your Iqama, residence permit, the letter from the company and your old driving license, and I think a medical exam (?)

You might have to take  the test. it depends from where you have got the driving license.

Be Confident there...they will see the confident only

There is Dallah Tower in cross section of Palestine Street and dallah street in Rehab Dist. there is dallah driving school and license process office. As mentioned by Redglobin take all the necessary documents, the letter from your sponsor shall be attested from chamber of commerce. Your medical test will be done in same location and you will be going to attend the test same day.
the timing is from morning 08:00am to 02:00 pm.

All the best!

assalamalikum i need driving kingdom of saudia arabia .i have indian driving licesonse .please help to get .idont now.

There are 2 very good articles on getting a driving license in the 'Guide' section of this website.

Check them out here: … cence.html

If you like you may read a well written article at my blog, about getting driving license. … di-arabia/

I hope moderators will not mind the link. :-)

hello friends with indian international license  can i drive in saudi and can i buy a car on that ?

dr zeeshanbhat :

hello friends with indian international license  can i drive in saudi and can i buy a car on that ?

A Simple 'NO' !! The reason being that the vehicles in India are RHD while in KSA it is LHD !! So neither u can drive not buy a car on indian DL.

Good Luck !!

thank you friend , but can i get any help by having an international license

dr zeeshanbhat :

thank you friend , but can i get any help by having an international license

Is that Indian international DL ??? Then unfortunately no. But still u can chk it with the Driving School (RTO) here. Becoz i know a Malaysian guy, who got his Intl DL changed to KSA DL. But it took him a month and 6-7 rounds of the govt offices.

I would advice make a new DL of the KSA. Its not much of a hassle.

Good Luck !!

thank u friend


I am new in this blog and currently thinking to come to Jeddah.

I have a Oman Driving Licence, will Saudi convert the driving lic or i have to go test and procedures.
Previously i had the dubai Lic but it was taken by Oman Police and they gave me Oman Lic.

What are the rules in Saudi Arabia, any ideas.



Please go through a couple of articles here: … cence.html

No, your driving license won't convert.

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Hi there,

I just passed the whole driving exam and computer test.

First, you need to go to Dallah Driving School. From there, they will assess you. After the assessment, you will know if you can process your license immediately but, most of the time you end up attending the class. The class will depend after the assessment. Some takes only a day, me it was 5 days and the worst is a month.

Most of the driving exam and computer test will be discussed in the class.

Thank you


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