Summer school for the kids?

Hola!  That is about how far my Spanish goes!  Newly relocated from Los Angeles I am looking for a Summer program for my kids that are 13, yes both of them I have twins.  Here is the kicker, needs to be English hopefully if a full day program.  I will take anything really, a sports program, an educational program, a music program....HELP!

Hello luv2rt and welcome to!

Good luck in your research.;)


Check out Balboa Academy in Clayton, if they don´t have anything they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Honestly, I think your kids will do fine in a music program in Spanish but taught by teachers who also speak English. The students also mostly speak English. I recommend the Academica de Musica on San Juan Bosque street. My daughter goes there and loves it.

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