New in Singapore have no friends- want to find new friends!!!

Hey I'm new to singapore , i don't know anyone here..i want some new friends here

Hi and welcome on board naven_cumar!

Maybe a longer introduction would be appreciated ;)
Where are you from?
What is your job?
What are your hobbies?


Hi, am new to Singapore too. Am from HK. Wanna be my friends here and hangout sometimes.


hi welcome to singapore.. hope u will enjoy here .. wanna to meet and have fun then call 83545444 or mail me asif.iqbal8008[at]

Thanks alot for your concern Armand,illis and asif , what is so special about this city..I havent explored properly..

Hi,  I am not that new in Singapore.  Glad to have seen your ads.  Contact me via my email at ganthinsri[at]


Hi Ms Sulo, How are you, Nice seeing you here. Shall we catch up for dinner. Let me know if interested.

@ Sulo_MGF > Just to inform you that this topic is very old (2011) :)

Hello.  I'm also new here from Zimbabwe. looking for friends

hi this is anu from india. can we be good friends. I am 33. Male MBA,PST,PSSR,FPFF, seeking some good friends all over world. Descent and long term friendship for life long.

Hello Anukumar, Ntasha, Priscilla, strawberry14, illis, Armand naven_cumar and anyone who has replied to this post,

My name is Hien, from Vietnam, working professional. I am very new here in Singapore as well. Just thinking why don't we form a group to hangout and explore the city together?

Let me know if you are interested. I will be happy to be the organizer of our meet-up. Hope to hear from you!



hi .. i will be in singapore this august 1st..maybe we could meet


I'm a bit late into the discussion but if by any chance you guys are doing a meetup I'd be open for exploring some sights. :)

Hi.... my flight is cancelled that's why i am not able to meet u guys... maybe we could meet up next time

Hi im from Philippines and will be in Singapore for few months to go. I don't know anyone there and im looking for some new friends when i come there.

Just drop me a message and i want to build new circle of friends.

Thank you! :)

feel free to add me, welcome to Singapore

I am looking for new friends.. Indian,specially south Indian welcome..

Hi Harry,,,can u please help me in knowing the cost of living for a small family of three,,,(new born baby, spouse and husband) .,How much does one need to spend minimum on rented small apartment...

I am from Toronto, Canada and would like to move down to Singapore by November this year.  Any tips or expat would like to connect

You can use the search function in NETWORK. If you want to connect a specific national, then select that form "Nationalities" and select Expatriates in "Status".


immu123 :

Hi Harry,,,can u please help me in knowing the cost of living for a small family of three,,,(new born baby, spouse and husband) .,How much does one need to spend minimum on rented small apartment...

If you really only want a reply from Harry, please disregard my post.
How much you need for a living depends very much on your lifestyle choices and spending habits. There are already many discussions about this on the forum, which you might want to read.
A minimum of S$800-1000/month per person (incl. baby) for groceries and daily expenses (incl. transport, clothes, toiletries, utilities, light entertainment, etc.) is realistic.
S$3000/month is a reasonable budget for renting a small apartment.
Altogether, for a family of three, monthly income (also covering travel, some luxuries, savings, etc.) should in my opinion not be below S$7000-8000/month. The average local family in a comparable situation has nearly S$10000/month - and they pay much less for accommodation, health care, schooling, etc., so you will still be poorer than the locals.

Anyone can reach me if in case u need to explore city. I can give u company while visiting financial district and surrounded area where I'm working .. Have a good day ahead.

And those enquiring about cost of living, $6000 per month for couple can be good and above that is much enjoyable.

Those r visiting SG, welcome to SG and hope u all have a wonderful time here.

Tk care you all n God bless you

Hi I am from Toronto too and just arrived 5 days back.. looking for seeing you Gamal.

Hi guys.I am new in SG and would love to make friends here as I hardly know people here

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