Intro to me..

Hello everyone,
Well, I have made the decision to move to Buenos Aires. It will be about a year but my mom will be moving and retiring there by november so she will be in place when I get there.
I intend on running my business via BA and hope to eventually open a store but for now I will keep my business online.
I understand a bit of Spanish but will be taking classes over the next year to at least get a basic grasp of the language.
I have a Great Dane that will be going with me of course, I will be driving from one end of the US to the other and then hop a plane to BA...
Quite an adventure in my future.
I am greatly looking forward to meeting new people prior to moving, learning things that will help me with my move and just researching in a pleasant environment.


Hi Michelle,
how nice to meet you! I'm sure you'll find a lot of helpful tips in these forums, and applaud you for taking such a pro-active approach.
Best wishes,
PS - love the word "bonkers" :-)

Thank you for the welcome Dee!!! Oh yes, I use some odd words sometimes, I suppose living in different countries has brought that about in me!
As for being proactive, I can't think of any other way!!


Welcome on board Michelle :)

you'll love it here....have a great time !!!



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