Fred went a wandering.

A carefully loaded truck.

A dude asleep.

Another in a state of slumber in the cab.

They sleep soundly, assured the ultra high tech braking system keeps them safe.

Fancy a coffee?

I took these from a footbridge.


Kaki lima (Five feet).
These guys come in all sorts of flavours from rubbish collectors to food sellers.

Street performing moneys are pretty common. They're often owned by people in small villages.

Those foot bridges are good places to hang around.

Road safety.

Bus stopped - no worries, I'll use the pavement.




Scrap metal is in common use on Indonesian roads.

Some dude on a bike

with his doggies.

And a lizard on my mountain bike.

Baby born, wedding, death - Always a family gathering.

What the rubbish collectors don't want, the goats eat.

More road safety.

A lot of people see these things and assume Indonesian are a bit thick.
Chess is a common street game out here.

Thanks for sharing mas fred ;)

Fantastic pictures Mas Fred, really good

A lot people live in illegal houses or just houses that have no running water or drainage.

Washing clothes in the river.

They bath in the same place. Luckily, the toilet is downstream.
Problem is there are other houses upstream.

Rivers are used for many things.

Kids playing

cows drinking


and are used by 2 m long lizards.

I disturbed this thing as I rode by on my mountain bike. It jumped into the river and scarpered.

This large sign greets you as you enter the centre of BSD.
It was looking a shade tatty so....

.. up went the scaffold

and the workers

Time to go down.

I've mentioned mountain bikes are very popular and, where ever there are people, someone will sell food.
This is in the middle of nowhere.

people fall of bikes from time to time so need a doctor.
There isn't always a doc around so the local elder will do nicely.

Banana stems are known to reduce swelling.

He looks happy but I'll bet it hurt the next morning.

Street seller hawking fish.




Poor country means you don't toss anything away unless it's totally gone.
This guy will repair your shoes.

Jakarta is famous for floods. Every rainy season, it ends up a mess.

But the kids like it.

The McD arches. Universal symbol of shit food and global capitalism.

Just over the road, some old lass collects plastic to sell to recycle plants.

Must be about 90.

(I paid her US$5) for the photo - That's about enough to keep her in food for a week)

Painting in Jakarta on Friday morning.

I was out for a walk when I noticed a load of food signs. It was all rubbish so I walked the 7km to an Aussie burger place in a small mall with loads of electronic bits and bobs. Nice walk and a great burger.
Can't remember what the place is called but I know where it is and I'll be back.
It was about the size of half a cow and came with chips and a lump of bread.

Now, about the dude painting.

Electioneering Indonesian style.

You see a lot when you wander with your eyes open. It can also be a bit handy if you wander down back streets.
This is just off a top priced street in the south side of Jakarta, not far from a few embassies.

Now I know what happened to all those ex Soviet flying helmets.

Everything is sold from pushbikes. Even birds.

Where there's a bridge, you'll find a cafe.

The powers that be are building a new elevated road in jakarta.

Pretty much any bag of junk gets used on Indonesian roads but this is about the worst I've seen.

There are other things on the roads.

With accessories too.

I'm told the water cannon are really handy for crowd control.

Serious note.
There is still a small but notable terrorist problem in Indonesia. The court this thing was parked outside is for those people. The cops have a heavy presence there and are well armed. The van is in case a mob come to riot in support of their terrorist pals.

Another group of cops are highly mobile and well armed. I couldn't get a photo of them but sub machine guns and side arms were common.

I've seen a brick factory and a breezeblock factory. Now a pipe factory.

There are many photos of crazy road users on this thread so I thought I'd pop in a crazy road.

A nice country scene.

But what's on the bridge?

The bridge has a hole in it.

But some bugger has just popped a branch there so cars don't fall in.
It needs fixing ASAP.

There we go.

All fixed and fit for traffic.

A wander into Jakarta is often a source of a few photos.

Whip me, whip me.









Last one for today.
A small motorbike, two loonies and a large roll of roofing material.

mas fred :

Indonesians aren't known for planning ahead as this photo shows. It's rainy season but they still ride out without taking waterproofs. … 310001.jpg

Very interesting and insightful pictures you share here with us, Mas Fred. Some of the pictures even show things I myself have never seen before.  Nicely done...

I would, however, appreciate it a great deal more if you would refrain from using somewhat judgmental remarks about Indonesians in general, as you particularly did in your comment above.

The pic shows how clumsy and unprepared a group of motorcyclists really are when they go about without any proper clothing in the rainy season, with which I totally agree - shame on them.  These people, however, do not in any way accurately represent every other Indonesian's tendency to always appear without good planning ahead in general. Your comment, "Indonesians are not known for...", as it seems, rather explicitly expresses just that.  Perhaps, contexts such as "Some motorcyclists are not known for...", or even "Some Indonesians are not known for...", would still effectively convey your point without risking making potentially offensive remarks on Indonesians or any other group of people for that matter.

I, for one, always plan ahead for every occasion I am to attend, unlike those people in the picture - and I'm Indonesian.  See what I'm trying to get at here?

I might sound like a total ultra-nationalist paranoid for messing with little things that are probably inconsequential and not intended to offend to begin with, so do excuse my flimflam.  But generalizations such as yours may lead to people (esp. foreigners) developing the wrong idea about Indonesians in the long run...

Nevertheless, good and amusing share you've got here, Fred... keep 'em coming...!


I've been in this wonderful country for almost five years now.
I love the place and, for the most part, I love the people.
The excellent food is a bonus.

That day was rough as the rain was especially heavy but the number of bikes running was far outnumbered by those parked, with the riders hiding where ever they could.
This is the norm when it rains.
"Some Indonesians" or other niceties simply isn't true.
"The vast majority of ordinary Indonesians" would probably be OK.
I have a lot of such photos and they all show the same story.
I NEVER alter or engineer a shot to tell the story I want.
I don't lie or stretch the truth of any story.
It's what I see and how I see it - That's it.
It was judgmental but, I believe, fair.
Indonesian aren't known for thinking ahead or taking any care when it comes to any aspect of much as the two guys on the motorcycle (Pic above) demonstrate.

As for what you've never seen. Just hang on and I'll show you places most Indonesians never see at all.

Dont forget to take photos of trucks tyres, always making me feel safe when I see the state of the trucks on the roads. Those photos are amazing.

This thread is a copy of one that has been running on another forum for the last few years.
You're about 2000 photos behind them.
I must try to post some older ones but. Things are a bit busy at the moment.

Back to that bridge.
The super repair having been done, it's business as usual.
Thin bridge, heavy truck.
Guess what'll happen soon or later.

Broken pavement, live mains cables at a height any kid could grab.
Pretty much typical of Indonesian safety standards.
(Yes, I know its judgemental but its true all the same or I wouldn't be able to get so many photos of stuff like that).

Motorbikes are extremely popular here because they're cheap and get through the jams.
That means a good market in any and all service work.
Including new seats.

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