What's up in June?

:D Thanks for teasing :D

Thanks for even more teasing.
Looks darn good so far.
Fresh and easy to the eye.
Am looking forward to see more :)!

This looks great - clear and easy to use with not too much noise to make oldies like me feel confused and irritated. Should go down very well!

Thank you for your support and active participation

Everything should be online this week :)

Hi Julien!
Looks more simple and clear = good!
Sunny greetings from Helsinki! Visiting here, back in Cairo end of this month...
It's +11!!! cold! but sun's shining at the moment!



The new site looks great. Looks neat and more sharp, however any chance of playing around with the colour? or is the colour part of the branding? I would like to see easy access to pics and forums, which i think the new site has done.
Well Done.

Like this new version, congratulations!!
Nice colours and easy to navigate!

Looks great and user friendly...:top:

I like it... More user-friendly and easy to see where you want to navigate. Nice simple, clear layout and I like the colours - easy on the eye. Well done.

As you know, I love what this blog has offered and the visitors I received from this site to mine.

Anything I can do to help, please just ask.

It looks cool.  I think it should be easier to navigate which would be good.  Look forward to more of the same.

Looks great - clearer and easier to find the pages you need I think. Colours are fun too , look foward to seeing how it all works together :)

looks great!!

Nice fresh look.


Life in Galicia

It looks great! Until we can actually move around it and see how it all connects it's hard to comment 100% but it looks to be more clearly organized and easier to follow. I particularly like the pics and blog access being made readily available. Nice job!

I would say "ditto" to most of the comments here about ease of use and the new improved layout.  Until I can access the whole site, I won't be able to relay any "doh" moments in terms of not being able to find something!

Oh what a nice surprise! I'm looking forward to see the whole new look, but I already like it a lot!
Thanks for all the hard work!

Looks good to me, good job.

I really really like it!  Can't wait.

Looks wonderful, Julien. Great job!

looking good!

well done.

More user friendly.  I like it.

It looks amazing. Can't wait to use it.

Its great Julien...thanks for making aplace that we can enjoy and it...keep up the good work visiting this site...its always fun and helpful.

have a great summer all.xx

Looks great, Julien!

very nice,,,,,

June begins and ends with a crescent moon in the morning sky. Astronomical new moon (conjunction with the sun) occurs at 21:23 on the evening of the 3rd, so spotting the young crescent with the naked eye or through a telescope will be impossible. On the evening of the 4th, the crescent moon  may be visible from most of North and South America, Europe and the Middle East, from most of Africa except in the south, and from most of Asia except in the extreme E and SE, but not from Australasia. From the northernmost parts of South Africa, it may be possible to see the young crescent with optical aid, but from most of South Africa the crescent will not be visible until the evening of the 5th of June. First quarter  is on the 10th, with full moon on the 18th and last quarter (half moon in the morning sky) on the 26th. Moonrise on the 18th is more than 20 minutes before sunset, so the full moon and setting sun will be in the sky together.
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June is awesome, July is even better....

june...beginning of summer

Hi Julien,

Guess you've managed to do it again, big guy!!! And here I thought I'd only have my 65th Birthday to look forward to in June. Thanks for the heads-up on the big news, I'll stay tuned in for further developments!


This thread is from 2009 ;)

Did I missed something?

looks good...

looks great!

Thanks for this great website! Such a great way to connect with new kind people with similar backgrounds ! Cheers!

Looking at the options offered in the free horoscope reading, I'm not sure if I want my past life revealed to me;  I'm going to sit back and consider this one :-)  Great stuff, thanks.

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