Convention de stage/Paris Language school

Thanks, i will ASAP

Fashion and design is a new one but perhaps you mean more recent ?

Exactly, that was i meant

It s perhaps better to call them

Yes i dis and they confirmed what you all said

Do you know if Be student accept students from abroad ?

Yes no problem, bestudentagain accept students from everywhere and provide the same perfect service for all

Thanks !

A friend of mine asked me last week and didn t know about it

Do you know if be student again has some partners in Brasil ?

Yes i think they have ! Just call them, they re very nice and will answer you

Thank you

I also heard about a university in Brasil

Okay i got the confirmation that they have a university in Brasil

Do you know the actual cost for be student again ? (450 euros ?)

430 euros, ça bouge pas !

Oui c’est ce que j ai payé aussi !

Je crois que pour la prochaine rentrée c est aussi 430

Okay thank you !

Je confirme c est bien 430 euros

Je crois que 430 c est une promotion mais ça va rarement au-dessus de 500 euros

An American friend of me is looking for an internship in France, I will tell him

You re welcome

I m also interested in bsa fôr a friend of mine, he studies fashion, do you know if they have an education about design that can match ?

Yès  they have one called fashion and design, i don t remember which university ...

Just call them, they answer quickly

They are also very nice 😀

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