Convention de stage/Paris Language school

Thanks aldonce, i will get in touch with them

it is the best way to have an internship convention quickly : bestudentagain provide you an easy way to register in foreign universities and get this document to do your internship in france

Yes i agree, this is a very simple way to get that convention de stage

Do you know if Be Student has an education in arts ?

I called them but they havent

May be they will in future....

If you register with BeStudentAgain, do you need to follow the classroom courses after? And will they be outside of France?

Yes lalafala, the classroom is obligatory (following the Law) and most of the universities are outsider of france ..... atminstone they were but may be now it s différent. Give them a call to be sure

Yes all universities are abroad so you have to travel a little bit

A friend of mine need s to do an internship for education in fashion. Do you know if be student again has an education in design or fashion ?

yes i know that they have in fashion and design but don't really know where. I think The easiest way for your friend is to ask them directly by phone or mail. The service is nice and they will reply shortly

Yes they have one about fashion and design, a friend of mine will do it

Do you know how much it costs ?

the price of bestudentagain is only 430 euros and you get the international student card that give you many discounts ( you can very quick save enough money with it to erase the cost of inscription)

Thank you very much, not so expensive

Oh great, thank your bouchue, i will contact them ASAP

Is it alwayx 430 euros for the education in design and fashion ?

yes it is always the same price and it is the same price for whatever you choose !!

I ve contacted them and they are really nice and very clear in their explanations

I ve heard about an education in fashion and design with be student again , two of my friends were interested, so i called be student again and they confirm that this new education is successful

Do you know if i can do the education with Be Student again at any moment of the year ?

And how much is it at the moment ?

it is 430 €  as a special limited rate as they write on their website. My advice is to go for it : excellent service !

Thank you

Do they really have an education in fashion and designs i ve heard about it ...

yes they have an education in fashion and design. It seems a good one as i read a lot of good review about it

Yes it’s a new one ! Two of my friends did it and were entusiastic about it

So great !

I m also interested and also read a lot of good reviews on it

I ve also two friends Who did it and were very entusiastic

I ve just talked to my friend Who did fashion and design with Be Student Again and he was very positive about it

He said that it was very interesting

How long max can be the internship with Be Student Again ?

you cannot do more of 6 months in the same company in a school year and the lapse you must wait between two internships in the same company is the third of the length of the first internship. if different companies you can start the day after, no lapse

Bestudentagain can explain it to you very well !

Okay great !

Je les ai appelé a propose de la formation design et fashion, ca a l’air tres bien effectivement

Yes it s very interesting and cheap

Fashion and design is really a good one

Do you know If Be Student Again is planning new éducations for 2018 ?

Yes i think the have new ones for 2018. But the best way to know is to call them.

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