STC Cell Phone Requirments

I would really like to go to STC (I have heard the serivce is better than mobily) and get a new iphone since my US based verizon phone will not work here. What do I need to do to do this? I am currently here on a 90 day business visa while I wait for my Iqama to be processed after Eid. Do I have to have an Iqama to get on the postpaid service? I would like to get the "Premium Package" postpaid with either the 16gb or 32gb model.

I don't think they'll issue a postpaid pckg for you on a short term business visa. In my view, wait for your iqama.
But why buying iPhone from KSA? You'll miss the FaceTime which is one of the important feature of iPhone 4 and won't work on iPhone got from mobily or STC (unless you jailbreak and apply patches from Cydia).

I am a jailbreaker by nature - so I don't see any problem using the iphone here. I have had each version of the iphone since the original, except the newest iPhone 4s, and that is only because I left the US just a couple of weeks after it was released. Anyway, I guess I will have to wait a few weeks until my iqama can be processed. Thanks for the info!

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