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Seems I have researched both Davoe and Cebu City, and it seems the climate may be a bit comfortable in  Davoe City. So, I need a recommendation for a house rental agent in the Davoe City area.
Anyone, please advise and also suggests areas of the city to live in that are quiet, but yet close to markets and restaurants, and that are safe. Any information would be appreciated.
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Thank you, John Bisceglio

Yep, Davao City is one liveable place to live in the Philippines. Food is cheap, a lot of beaches to visit ,big and decent malls to hang out and shop. There's a lot of places to choose where you can rent for your stay. But I would recommend you book a hotel before your arrival for a week and you can roam around and look for yourself with the agent which you can also found them in a mostly malls. There were a lot of stalls for Real Estate in a mall which you can inquire for the place to stay. to wit..

along JP Laurel Avenue:
a.) Ayala Mall (Abreeza)
b.)Victoria Plaza

In Matina:
a.)NCCC Mall

and in SM Mall

You can Hang out in JAck's Ridge Resort and Restaurant which is in Matina Hills, overlooking Davao City.. There's a piano bar, a cafe bar and a pool to enjoy..they also have cottages for your stay..hope this will help you loads. and welcome to Davao City.

Davao is great! Great! about 25 km long and 8 wide 7ou!
Supermarkets, there are large numbers and new are being built.
What we can call "downtown" is not very big! The city has 164 barangays or neighborhoods.
Difficult to advise you one place over another. You can have the choice of city center, near downtown, near the sea or seashore, close to hills or hills, a little country, etc..
It is especially your appreciation.
see this link! … o_city.htm

If you want to search for more precise location, use: # lat = 7.078364 & lon = 125.5453098 & z = 14 & l = 0 & m = h & tag = 44605

Currently, I switch housing. I go to Matina Bankal behind the Makro supermarket, which will close its doors soon. Instead builds a MS. I'm not going to lose.
I take a home 3 bedrooms + 1 helpeur, 2 bathrooms, large living / dining room, kitchen, large furniture provided for 22,000 pesos / month;
The one I was currently Catalunan Grande, just over the hills for 15,000 months.
But it is less sophystiquée as home, and later of amenities.
If you want to watch a little rent, s I suggest you first look on the internet what is proposed (for an idea is proposed Dece and prices).
Example link:;_ylt=Ak_Rzhss45TwBBurLol36YUu4405;_ylc=X1MDOTY1NjAwMDQ2BF9yAzIEZnIDeWZwLXQtNzExBG5fZ3BzAzAEb3JpZ2luA3BoLnlhaG9vLmNvbQRxdWVyeQNob3VzZSBmdXJuaXNoZWQgZm9yIHJlbnQgaW4gRGF2YW8Ec2FvAzA-?vc=&p=house+furnished+for+rent+in+Davao&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-711

Then you walk in the districts (barangays) or subdivisions where you "would like" to live.
You should know that the largest number of locations, do not pass pasen agency or internet.
It is the network of relationships that will indicate to you, or you will see a sign on the gate of a property one of Condos or small posters on utility poles, giving a phone number to contact.
Denis de Davao

Actually, Davao city is the largest city in the world in terms of land area, yep the downtown is pretty small compared to other city in Metro Manila, but you see the Bajada area, or the JP Laurel Avenue is getting occupied..well I can say if you are staying in Bangkal area or close to Toril area, you get the good source of tap water which is drinkable, (mind you try it?). I can say my city is far better than HCMC (Saigon) But I can also say Saigon is a safe city to live  anyway. They don't have what we had in the Philippines  Enjoy your stay in Davao and hope you can get along well with Filipino neighborhood. And discover more the neighboring area which include the Davao del Norte and Sur and of course Sarangani and Gen Santos..avoid traveling to the North Cotabato and its neighboring provinces...

I grew up in Davao City and our city is nice said my Iranian friend.

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Davao is ok to live & enjoy! welcome

HI John my name is Ian I live on a sub division in Mintal called Deca Resort Homes its a Beautiful spot with MT Apo overlooking the estate its very peaceful here apart from the odd Rooster or dog barking which is not too bad compared to other places, also there is a free swimming pool Basketball courts Club House which is used for weddings or different functions and the Air Quality is good

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