Nurses working at King Faisal......advise!!

Hi...I worked in a military hospital before, not sure about Jeddah . Yes any woman could use female pool, male kids were allowed in the female pool (can't remember the age limit). After some objection the ladies agreed to have family time and adult female time. There was female salon on the compound and many available in town. I think the best is to check with ur agent who can give more info

Hi! May I know where did you apply? I am planning to work in Riyadh. Thanks in advance. You can reply to this email (xxx) or you can just reply from here. Kudos!

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Hi! May I know what agency did you applied? Thanks and kudos!

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this thread is old, i don't think you will have any update. It will be better to participate on more recent threads on the Riyadh forum.

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