ASPA (Allocation de Solidarité aux Personnes Agées)

My allowance ASPA has been suspended two months ago, due to some extended stay abroad, still under investigation. According to the regulations, ASPA receivers are entitled to stay abroad up to 180 days; these regulations are applicable by law.
I am not getting any money since the 26th of August 2011! I stayed in South America for 124 days; in the meanwhile a letter was sent to my home, which obviously was not replied. On my return home, last 29th of September, I sent SASPA a letter explaining the reasons why I was unable to respond to their letters and including proof of my journey such as the airlines tickets and boarding cards. Apparently this was not enough as they responded asking me for copies of all pages of my passport and evidence of my British State pension.
Letters are sometimes taking longer than 10 days to arrive inside France and therefore communications by this traditional way take forever.
Is their some higher instance to report this abusive sort of official attitude?
Some help and advise will be highly appreciated.

I work as a caretaker for persons with ASPA allowance.
As a rule,ASPA is suspenden if you are away from your home more than a month (unless hosptalisation).
The reason why they asked for your pension,papers etc is that they have to re-activate your ASPA. And since we are in France,they ask for all the papers all over again....:rolleyes:
Do you use a help at home?Someone working for a firm/association? In that case,these can help you re-activating the ASPA.

Hi talatta, thank you for your post. What about the 180 days that in accordance with the norms you are allowed to stay abroad?
There is quite a difference between 30 and 180 days, isn´t there?
Thanks again.

As a rule,any long absence must be notified before departure.Where I work,the ASPA is always suspended after 30 days.Are you sure the 180 days abroad aren't the limit to get the ASPA (that someone staying more than 180 d. abroad/year can't obtain it).

Hi,I looked up thing a bit.Of course,you're right,you can be abroad 180 days.But you have to give a date of return before you leave.They are always very worried about foreigners touching "French" money while living elsewhere...
The allowance is suspended if a letter from them is returned to sender,or if you don't answer fast enough..I think you've come across an over-eagerly "technocrate".The allowence is restored once they "receive all the documents proving residence and need"..Knowing the French system,I think you need to insist,try obtaining a meeting with the person in charge of your case.

Your comments are deeply appreciated. Thank you so much.

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