Schools in Abha/Khamis Mushayt

Hello, I am looking for details of any British/International schools in Abha or Khamis Mushayt as I have been offered a job there but want to sort out education for the children.
Any info and phone numbers for schools would be much appriated.

Hi, I am interested if you received a reply as I am looking to bring my teenager out to Khamis possibly next year.
I have ajob opportunity which could depend on schooling.
My son is english but was born in Khamis back in 1996, I am looking to return
Would appreciate a response


I'm due out there in a month or so, so I could report back then. Mine are only primary age but I have a few schools to look at for September, doesnt seem quite up to scratch but we are giving it a go.
Kind regards,


Thanks for that, a month or so may be to late to wait.

I may decide to come over as a Bacholor/single status but I would be interested if any other schools are likely to be opening in the next year or so.



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