Help! How to register Nikah in Saudi Arabia

i ask someone need special permission of nikkah in haram, if intelligence see you catch you,,,,,
not allow nikkah in haram...
you do if any mutawa you know he do for you in one place of haram.

Pakistan embassy do in embassy.....

Hi i am matial and i am working here in tabuk saudi arabia. I am in a relationship  with a pakistani person which  is working is Qatar. I am a converted to islam from Christian. But i not yet have conversation  certificate. I would  like to ask is there any possibility  to be marry here in saudi Arabia tabuk city .. can we register our marriage  in the city which i worked?  Or we really need to go to riyad coz its impossible  to go riyad. My employer  wouldn't  allow me....regarding  eqama its my employer responsibility  but what about  conversation  certificate  what will i do? Pls i need an answer for my question. I am doing this  fornthe sake of Allah  i dont want to have a haram relationship  for a long time. I cant wait to finish  my contract  and get marry....inshaAllah reply....

Hi im arlene i need hep pls where we got merried what is the ducument my piance is pakistan & im pilipina where we find the place in alkhobar to god merried

Pls where we find to get merried in alkhobar

Hello Legend,

I am an American citizen and engaged to a Jordanian.  Does this nikah process apply to me and him as well?

If wife is working lady , she needs doc from office. After marriage ,she does not need to transfer sponsorship to husband so that she continue working

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