Wanna play football in Riyadh


Anybody who wants to play football in Riyadh,should contact on this number xxx only whatsapp.Bring as many players as you can.

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I have recently arrived in Riyadh and I am looking to referee in one of the football leagues. I have been refereeing in the Qatar community football league for the past two seasons and can provides references.

I would appreciate if you have anyone I could contact.

stuart Bradley

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salam bro can u tell where is this ths place where u pay and play it grass


Im new here. Im 24 years old.  I also want to play soccer, basketball, handball or any sport.
If you are going to do a match, you can count on me!!
For WhatsApp contact me in private message.


pls let me know if you play football (soccer) in riyadh on weekends. KIndly message me in private with the details

Hey are you guys still playing football on the weekends? I just moved here and would love to play! Let me know!

Omg it's been four years guys. Did you find team yet 😂

Lol I was so pumped about this post..then saw it was started in 2012...

If you private message me your name and phone number, I will add you to a WhatsApp group and we will start to get a team formed.

Is it possible to join the team as well? 😅

Private message me your name and number and I'll add you to the WhatsApp group for the team

That's really cool. I can't send privet message I don't know what is wrong  but this is my Email ****

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