Freelancing Expat & Legal Obligation

I'm hoping someone here has experience or can point me in the right direction for this.  I'm an American Expat living in the Netherlands and I have the opportunity to do freelance work for a publishing company in the United States (my home country).  I'm trying to work out what my tax and legal obligations are.  Do I pay taxes on that income in the US or in the Netherlands? Do I need to register with the KvK as a small business to freelance legally?  Do I need to charge them VAT?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

You have to look at convention between US and Netherlands.

Normally the rule is that you pay tax on the money you earn in the country where you live. And you pay tax on houses revenues where the houses are.

But this is all different for US citzens, they are always taxed by their home country. They are in fact double tax, but don't know much details.

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