New to Bahrain - Please advise Cost of living & Safest place to stay

1. How is the current political scenario in Bahrain? Is there a chance of repetation of political unrest? Is it safe to live and work in bahrain?

2. My office is at Government Avenue, Manama. Which will be the nearest, economical and safest place to stay? 

3.What will be the cost of 01BHK and 02BHK Semi Furnished and Fully Furnished flats to stay wz family?

4. Is it advisable to go for Fully Furnished or Semi Furnished Rented Apartments?

5. What will be the approximate cost to set up 01BHK/02BHK flat.. i mean basic necessaties ( A/C's, Refregerator, Cooking Range, Washing Machine, Wooden Storages, Bed and Beddings, Sofa Set, Dining Set etc).

6. What will be ideal place to buy all the above mentioned items? Is IKEA stores in Bahrain?

7. What will be the average cost of living per month for a family of  (02 adults and 01 child)? 

8. What should be ideal Salary to live and save a decent amount?

Request you to please provide me the above information at your earliest.

James, Bengaluru - India

hi,unfortunately i see that you did not get any replies from your post, we are now in the same position as yourselves and would love some advice ,where to live with children etc etc
Kieran & gayle

Hi All,

My personal advice is to have a look at the topic categories in the forum and check the latest posts; there are a lot of similar posts which can give you a justified answers to all of your questions.

Cost of living deponds mainly on your life style and level of living and for sure you will find whatever suits your budget.

The situation in Bahrain have been discussed several times in recent posts, you don't have to worry much about that; life is going on :)

I hope other members can give you more info about Schools, Accomodation ... etc.

Good Luck & Best Wishes


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