Golf in Ecuador, where are the places to retire and play golf.

My wife and I are going to Ecuador early 2012 and would like to know places to visit that have nice courses.
How much are memberships?

Do they have homes/condos to rent? Would like to live there for some time before investing in a home.
Are there courses that are close to shopping, cafe's fun place to meet new friends and hang out?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Good day.  I can not comment on any other locations other than Quito and the surrounding towns.
There are three country clubs with in 1/2 hour drive of Quito.  Arryannes is to the east, Los Cerros Golf and country club is to the south east, and the Quito Golf and Tennis club is to the north.  Memberships start at $35,000.00 intiation and there is a monthly fee of approx. $400.00.  You can go as a guest either once a month or twice, depending on the club.  You will need an invitation.  The only public course is the airforce club next to the airport in Quito.  Very hard or spongy fairways, and the greens are only called that because of colour.  There is another 9 hole course near Los Cerros but I have not played it yet.
Good luck and best wishes,


I have just started with  I too am very curious about the golfing situation in Ecuador as my husband and I want a retirement area with golfing.  I cannot find very much information and am hoping you have received answers to you post and/or from your trip to Ecuador.  Thanks  Ellen

I should add that on all of the courses I mentioned there are homes that have been built around the course.  Arrayanes has many newly built houses that are empty.  I do not know if they are for sale or rent but there are many houses still under construction.  Los Cerros was a little different in that the houses were not around the course but in the town the course was in.

hello mr Harris, im moving to quito from london in england, yes there are 3 or 4 great golf courses memberships are same as the states, but a bit more for your dollor.

well wish you all the best with your move and if you need a new english friend or a learner golfer friend then do drop me a message.

have a great day


Hi . I don't know to much about it because it is in its infancy but it looks like there is a new course being built called Las Olas which is near Bahia De Carraquez on the coast. It is a partnership between and canadian and an american. I don't know what stage it is at but if anyone reading this could check it out and let me know I would sure appreciate it. It is also a housing development with 3 phases of houses. The first will be 24 ocean front homes at $200,000. The next will be golf course homes on 2 of the fairways at $150,000 and last will be hillside condos at $85,000. The 2 more exensive homes include 2 lifetime dues free memberships and the third phase includes one membership. There are all kinds of extra perks included. Here is a website that may help. I'm hoping to get down in 2013 to check it out. Good luck.

I have been told there is a course around Esmeraldas that is public. A 9 hole course. I, also love golf. But the prices are too steep to join. I will miss playing golf when I move in January. But there are always vacations to Mexico. Does anyone know of any resorts or courses that are a short flight from EC? I am speaking of public.

Hi, I am very new to this blog but I have been living in Bahia for eight months now.I have seen the Las Olas property and it is very impressive and they are due to start construction mid April.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you'd like further information.It will have a world class golf course.

Interested to relocate and play golf in Ecuador

Cuenca: Country club, 9 hole course, 9K to join, 120 a month. Reciprocal agreement with Quito, Guayaquil, and a couple other courses.

All "viable" golf courses in Ecuador are private. There are seven with perhaps five of good to excellent quality.

I am aware of a new golf/housing development under construction called Montecristi ( 12K from Manta on Ecuador's coast. I was introduced to several principals at a recent golf tournament and was impressed. I plan to visit the development this year to assess the quality of the course and housing construction.

Hi there, curious now a few months later if you have seen or heard more info on the Los Olas prperty? How is life in Bahaia? Can you give a small picture please?


Chris, no I have not visited the area and will not be available for several months more. You can contact them directly to confirm status and estimated construction completion.

We are interested in that golf community also so if anyone has visited the property let us know.  We are planning to make a visit in the next few months and hope to see some construction going on.  I have heard different things about this golf community, a few saying they don't have the funding but I think we all need to find out for ourselves.  If there is nothing there yet, you don't want to hand your money over. We will also check out Montecristi (sp?).  Hopefully that will be completed soon.  Not sure there are any homes there either, at least not yet.  The question is how long till these golf comunities are completed cause most of us are around retirement age and can't hang on forever!  It seems the other viable courses would take too long to get to if like my husband you want to golf at least 4 or 5 mornings during the week, or just go putt around, chip, etc.  I guess we are asking for things Americans want, not Ecuadorians.  Now if it were up to me I could just sit back and enjoy the birds and ocean and trees and people........

Montecristi golf course looks built, if you fly there with Google Earth, for an overview. Golf obviously is not really an Ecuadorian thing, so some effort looks like it would be required to play or be close to a course, or investment in one that is being built with housing or initiation & yearly fees at one that is established. I would melt down and shrivel if I never played another round of golf, but what a great place to become cannon fodder!

OOOPS, not sure now if it was Los Olas I flew over with Google Earth. I guess same result!

Did they start yet?  i sent you an email but my darn email keeps bouncing back even though i have cleaned it out.  Have to look into the problem.  Just wondering if you have noticed any construction going on now since it was supposed to start in April.  I know if you get in from the very beginning you get good deals on membership according to their people, but again, don't know where they are in the process.  Planning to go and check things out in october so I will let you know   Will look at a few other places on coast also I think.  Won't have too much time.
I think their time frame is 3 years??  but again, not sure.

I bought a beachfront lot and condominium there. One of our upcoming neighbor who also bought a lot there is already staying in Bahia and visits las olas often. I was told that there have been lots of people coming to view and the founders club sales is almost complete.  The plan is to have the power, fibre optic cable and water lines all running into the property and down to the homes area in the next month.  They are going to run them all at once.  Right now most of the land are already being cleared.

I heard of rumors especially those who say the project do not have enough money etc. Firstly how would they know the financial status of the company since it is not a public listed company. Secondly, these developers have a solid track record in US, where one of the partner Randy Russ owns.

After dealing directly with one of the owner, David, I feel more comfortable as he is a very upfront, systematic, fair and genuine person. He answers all my queries patiently and in depth even after buying the place(you know how some people are, after buying they just don't care). I conclude that those rumors likely comes from other real estate agents or developers who do not want this project to be sold.

David told me that they will soon be opening a public sales office soon. They found an sales office in Bahia but pending some paperwork. They also intend to open another sales office in Cuenca and currently searching for a suitable place. The showroom will be completed soon. The project will take 3years and the payment terms after the deposit is on 36monthly installments.

If you are really keen, you should approach David directly. At end of the day what is listed on the contract is key importance. I read it and pleased with the terms and feel secure about it. In addition, David offers $1000 flight and 3nights accommodation to potential buyers to visit the lot and will reimburse you if u decide to purchase it. I don't see any other developers offering such thing.

Hope this helps.

Buyer beware seems applicable. Golf is something played North of the Rio Grande.
Remember what the annual wage is there and SA overall. It does not allow most folks to buy the bag, never mind several hundred dollars for the clubs etc.
I have 3 close friends who've made investments in SA courses and their adjacent homes and all are still bleeding from the wounds.
Caution may well be the better part of valor on this agenda.

Let them build it and wait. Kevin Costner's not in this movie and if they build it they just may not come.


Hi tfbob,

You mention "I have 3 close friends who've made investments in SA courses and their adjacent homes and all are still bleeding from the wounds."

Can you tell us more where those investments were made ?
Was it in Ecuador? More specifically Las Olas ?

I have looked into the possibility of purchasing in the Las Olas project but still have my doubts as to the level of risks this implies.

How can a potential buyer feel secures that the promoter will have the funds
needed and the will to deliver his project as promised?


2 I spoke of went under in the Northern area of Ecuador about 30 Klicks north of Manta. The good news on these 2 were the losses were minimal as all that they lost were their initial deposits. Still $7-12,000 is still a loss. The 3rd I spoke of was in Uruguay which was supposedly a better neighborhood but you can't convince me of that and I'm certain my buddy who dropped $200 large on it before it went under would express it quite differently.
It seems you're asking for some security in buying and I can't offer this nor should anyone imply otherwise. This is not No America where project bonds are purchased as insurance against work stoppages or projects simply failing. At home your exposure is minimal although even at home you may end up a general creditor depending on events and circumstances.
Down here you are on your own and your instincts and experiences are all you have on buying into any new or started projects.
As for buying into finished projects which are minimal then the eyes and ears become even more crucial for you. How long has it been around? Occupancy ratios of rentals vs. actual purchasers? Chat with other people who've already bought and seek details! In other words proceed cautiously, ask hard questions and most importantly rent one of the units you'll be entertaining or at least in the general area. Again the most critical issues for you are recon & intelligence gathering. For the time being, that's all you have in purchasing anything anywhere outside the states although, given the moderate 6 figure hit we've' taken on the primary house in Fl. which we've rented it is hard to tell the difference these days.
RENT IT until you're sold on the site and it's long term potentials. AND, even then pause & breath before pulling the trigger.

any updates on new courses in Ecuador

Hi tfbob

Very wise advice. Thanks for taking the time to answer.


Anyone who wants to invest in these founder's sales should be willing to lose the entire deposit and any expenses incurred.  The one key ingredient in the hundreds and hundreds of million dollar scams in recent history is that the seller is always very articulate, patient, seemingly credible, and has lots of promises as to what is planned and what has actually occurred.  Definitely a buyer beware situation - in the strongest terms!  Saying that the founders allotment is "almost" full is a very self-serving statement.  What's the evidence?

And, what "real estate development in foreign countries" credibility do you get from running a "fixtures" company in Texas?  Really?? 

It might work out, it might not.  Due diligence and lots of discretionary cash are definitely required.  The suggestion to wait and rent first sounds like good advice.

Even second tier investment only gives one person privileges, for a lot of $, and a quarter million is a ton of doe for two people to be granted "immunity". Supposing the initial developer folds, and some one picks it up where it hit the ground, a whole new set of rules will now apply. Lion Mountain at Bragg Creek, now Winter Green, was a dream Bob Lion had for years (at least twenty I know of) and offered life time life passes for sweat equity, and lots of people I know bust their balls working for no pay for years and a chance to ski for free for the rest of their lives. One season is all they got. This guy used to soak fertilizer with Diesel fuel and hide behind a D6 and shoot at it with a 306 to soften the ground for excavation. True story!

There is a well established golf course West of Guayaquil that has building lots available.I bought a lot there this summer and plan to relocate in 2015 to build a retirement home. The course is the La Costa Golf Club and has been in operation for 15 to 20 years. It is quite a beautiful course and location, comparable to the better courses in the US. Well developed facilities for golf, tennis and polo with restaurant, pools, etc.
Although there are lots available for purchase, you won't know unless you are in contact with the couple of agents working with the owners (I am not a real estate agent, my lot is not for sale). Prices are similar to those at Monte Cristi.

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Does anyone have any recent information on the Las olas golf course development? Thanks very much


I don't know but when you find out please let me know.[/img]

Hi danygirl8903,

Can you please avoid posting in Caps lock this make your post hard to read. ;)



Expat-blog team.

We have been to monte cristi and it is a small property for a golf course and homes. The place felt claustrophobic!  This is my opinion - you would need to go there.  It is not a par 72 course but more of an executive model.  Las Olas has an excellent web site that will answer all your questions.  The owners are great and the property is fantastic!  Our only concern was the lack of an airport nearby.  You can fly into Quito but the property is near Manta.  The development will be built but like any construction in Ecuador it may take a few years.  David has plans to build a world-class course as he is an avid golfer!

I am an avid golfer so  when I was in Cuenca last Feb.,I paid my $0.25 to take bus no. 19, I believe it was out to the Cuenca Tenis y Golf Club.  Took approx. 20 minutes to get there. (Their spelling of tennis, not mine). I believe they can be google´d.
Because of the terrain, they only have 10 holes. The focus is on tennis, they have somthig like 9 clay courts,

I talked to the manager and he told me that I could play as much golf as I wanted plus all the tennis I could handle, for $330 per mo. for any and all months I chose to play. A great swimming pool there as well. Bear in mind, for most Ecuadorians, the month´s fee lmost equals a month´s salary.

I know there is a course in Quito and one in Guayaquil plus oe under development in Manta. And that is all the info I have on golf.
But I would still choose Cuenca, it is a fantastic city for a lot of reasons. But golf is not the main one.

To all you golfers out there; there is a gorgeous course, Coasta Jama, currently in construction phases. Costa Jama is just south of the Equator.This is a Steve Smyers course; he redesigned Isleworth in Florida. It is an 18 hole par 72 course. The last 3 holes are on a cliff with stunning views of the Pacific. This course is being touted as the "Pebble Beach of South America".

As to Las Olas; when we last visited, maybe 3 months ago, there was no construction. There are roads cut. We will drive it again

Contact me to keep in touch as to the progress of Costa Jama. I live 5 mintues away from it; jvollmecke[at]

How did the "Founders" make out with their investments at Las Olas to date? Hopefully everyone will be made whole at the end of the day. The course at Jama sounds dreamy, so fingers crossed for a playable course soon on the coast of Ecuador.
Manana Sera Otra Dia

LiZeke :

How did the "Founders" make out with their investments at Las Olas to date? Hopefully everyone will be made whole at the end of the day.

Las Olas, you say...

Well, Las Olas -- off and on the hottest of the hot potatoes on this blog -- heated up again a few weeks ago when there was a report of a months-long delay in the project.

There also has been a report that El Supremo, his tourism minister and some bigtime investors all gathered for a meeting with the Las Olas developer(s).

Keep up with the news at the thread called "Las Olas Ecuador development."

How does one do that? I am unfamiliar with what a Thread is.


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cccmedia in Quito

So where, more precisely, is the touted golf course located?
I am traveling Ecuador next month and wd want to check location and amenities.

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