Child care in Tangier


when settling in a new country, working parents are mostly concerned about finding child care services for their children.

What can you share with us about the child care system in Tangier ?

How much is daycare in Tangier?

Is the staff qualified at these daycare centers?

What are the usual opening hours?

Do they provide other services at the daycare center?

Any daycare center in Tangier you would like to recommend to other expats? What makes them special?

Thank you for participating! :)

Hi Armand, I'm living in Tangier and I'm a baby-sitter, I can stay either at your house or at mine whole day and n weekends, if you ever need my help, this is my email for more information: aclfevr[at]
Take care.

Daycare; depends on the period,
Daycare centers; are not available in tangier,
Usual Opening hours depend on the babysitter you'll choose,
other services; like what?
I'll be happy to take good care of your child or children, here is my e-mail: Ihssanleeh[at]   

I'm in the same situation of you. But the diference is that i took a nany and she stole me  things. So it s more dificult trust somebody. So i m creating agency of nany in Morrocco but i was looking serious people with a long experience in houses and references. I will see how conditions....
5 times i took somebody to work, 5 times it was bad!!! That's why i have this idea...for expat's people.

where is the daycare center? i dont know about that,

Hi, I am a registered Ofsted childminder in London, I am looking to relocate to Tangier in summer 2018!

I was hoping to start a Daycare centre , maybe we can help each other out.

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