Oasis Compound at Khobar

ok thanks for that

much appreciated!

Hi Emka,

thanks for the info, did it seem like it had potential though?

sorry only just saw this. Yes, lots of potential! beach looks nice, the facilities there are nice too. When the weather (and water!) gets warmer we'll be regulars there over the weekends.

Oh gosh !!! I remember i was there, it was awful moment , all families  had to leave at this time . My husband had to quit then, because it was too hard dor him to be alone.
We are in angola now , and we might moove to ther again sometime in 2017 , what does it like Now ? Quiet happy to go back there , still have some friends in aramco , so cool to see the change after 10 years!!!
Thanks for responding

Anyone from Australia, living in these compounds. I recently moved here from Adelaide, usee to work in Telstra. I am thinking to move in, but want to check confirm the ground reality. If any Aussie can give the inputs, will be appreciated.

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Hello everyone,

Anyone currently living in the Oasis Gardens Compounds?
I would like to connect with some families already living there and would like to gauge their experiences living there as well as what the compound is like and the current tenancy prices and living expenses are like.   
We are a family of six and hoping to join my husband in al Khobar early next year.
Does anyone have any children who attend BISAK?
Hopefully someone here would like to connect.

Many thanks.

Hi Mrs Bear,
for current availability and pricing you can contact the OG Leasing Office (leasing.gardens[at] .

You should be aware though that BISAK is moving out of the compound to another one, planned for September 2017 , one of the teachers said. So if you chose OG for the school, don't ;-)

The compound is big, but is experiencing troubles with maintenance and workers being on strike, so not all facilities are open. If you're a family of 4 I think you'd want a 3 or 4 bedroomed house, you should ask to visit the compound and some houses in the different Parks (Cherry, Orchid, etc) and decide accordingly whether OG is for you.

Living expenses are quite high, but depends on where you do your shopping as well - Tamimi markets (Tesco) is more expensive than Panda Supermarkets.
Good luck with your move!


If you're interested in an alternative compound, you can check out the Gulf Homes Compound, which is located between Khobar and Dammam. It's a great location, close to Tamimi supermarket and Dhahran Mall.  I live there myself. If you email me, explaining exactly what type of accommodation you are looking for, I can send you a brochure and give you more information. **

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Hi Emka!

Thank you for your reply! That's very helpful to know.
I had an inkling OG was having trouble by what a couple other friends from my husband had mentioned to him.
Do you know where BISAK might relocate to? It would help look for suitable accommodation. Have you got children attending BISAK?

I've heard Eurocamp villages (?) are pretty good!?

Hi Mrs Bear,

BISAK is moving to a new compound (in construction) I'll ask around for the name and let you know.

If you're planning to arrive early next year, you could start contacting schools now, to put your children on the waiting list (if possible, some schools will give you all the info but add you to the actual list once you're there in person). DBGS is a very good school too, much in demand, known as the best school in the Khobar/Dammam area.

Eurovillage is one of the biggest compounds, it has a school on site (IPS), has their own clinic and ambulance on site, and a lot of facilities. The older part you won't like as a family of 6, the houses are prefab, military barack style, felt very small for us (family of 6 too) . Make sure you request a house in the newer built part...The best way to see and decide is to visit, so difficult deciding on anything when you're not here... I know. My husband came out a few times before moving over and visited a lot of compounds. The ones he liked he sent me the photos of, and we had to decide that way where to live.

Hope that helps!

Did you find any good places or shisha cafes

To be honest the best compound in khobar is zamil village

dammamcompound :
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