buying used car

We have a house in Cerro Azul and would like to buy a newer used car. Something with a least 150 hp motor for use on the mountain.


There are two great advantages of buying cheap used cars i.e. avoiding the expense of a brand new one and secondly the cost of the car depreciates 15 to 20 percent in one year. Therefore cheap used cars are gaining popularity in the market. This is good for the customers since they have a lot of choices to choose from. The service history of the used car should be checked for a used car because a fresh coat of paint might cover up a serious dent or rusting panels and a major damage or accident could be a potential disaster. It is also customary to check the registration details, insurance details, no. of previous owners and their antecedents. A broken down engine is easily detectable. A noisy gearshift indicates that there has been extensive wear and tear, which could end up in expensive repairs. Also acceleration and deceleration are other important aspects. The quality of clutch and hand brake are of principle importance.

how much are you planning on spending?

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