Expat Contracts for Indian EXPATS

Hi Girish,
Are you new to Africa ?
I have worked in Africa for more than 8 years.
No Problems, yet.


dineshvs30 :

Hi Girish,
Are you new to Africa ?
I have worked in Africa for more than 8 years.
No Problems, yet.


Thank you Dinesh.

I want an information about angola as the job posting is in Luanda,capital of Angola.

Is it good place to work for?

Is std of living OK?

Can i trust the recruitment agency?

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Girish,
Angola is not an easy place, but people are working there.
Insist on a written contract first. Go thru all pages here.
You will get a fair idea, about the place. If you are new to Africa, you may find it strange. But if you have seen other African countries, it may not be that strange.
Feel free to write to me at dineshvs30 at yahoo dot com.
I am a Chartered Accountant from Mumbai.

dineshvs30 :

Hi Girish,
Angola is not an easy place, but people are working there.
Insist on a written contract first. Go thru all pages here.
You will get a fair idea, about the place. If you are new to Africa, you may find it strange. But if you have seen other African countries, it may not be that strange.
Feel free to write to me at dineshvs30 at yahoo dot com.
I am a Chartered Accountant from Mumbai.

Thank you Dinesh.

My contract says that i will be provided free food,accomodation (1:1 basis),medical facilities.It states that i will be given 10 paid holidays 6 month each with round air tickets for nearest international airport.Salary is 4000 US$ a month.

Do i need anything apart from above to ask in written form.

I am medical officer.Can u plz provide me your mobile no.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Girish,
This looks fair enough for me.
I am in Nairobi, which is much more safe and friendly place.
But considering moving to Angola, soon.
I have noted your number. Will talk to you over weekend.

Warm Regards,

I am considering one offer for job in Angola.Pl. opine
Post:Project Control Manager

Salary – 6,000 USD + other benefits

Position:    Project Control Manager
Project:    Mafumeira Sul
Location:    Malongo (Cabinda) in Angola
Start date:    Immediately
Duration:    One year
Rotation:    90/21 (21 days paid rotational leave)
Working days/hours:    6 days per week / 10 hours per day
Salary:    6,000 USD (monthly)
Pension Fund:    5%
Accommodation:    Camp
Insurance D&D:    100,000 USD
Life Insurance:    30,000 USD
Medical Insurance:    Provided
Income Protection:    The duration and payment of the Injury and Illness Benefits are as follows:
a) Work Incapacity Day one (1) to Work Incapacity Day thirty (30)
While at the work site:
100% of the Injury and Illness Benefits.
After repatriation and arrival in country of domicile:
30% of the Injury and Illness Benefits.
b) Work Incapacity Day thirty-one (31) to Work Incapacity Day one hundred twenty (120)
30% of the Injury and Illness Benefits (whether on site or in country of domicile).
The Injury and Illness Benefits shall not be paid for more than 120 (one hundred twenty) Work Incapacity Days.
Are above terms OK?


could u tell me the status of SANZI COMÉRCIO GERAL IMPORTAÇÂO E EXPORTAÇÂO, LIMITADA, Luanda, Angola

Hello sati1 > maybe you should start a new topic on the Angola forum.

how many Gujarati are in Luanda Angola?
I am planning to visit Luanda in April
can they help?
or any Indian in Luanda can help me  about the country and potential in business items etc?
or any investment opportunities?

Dear Balaji,
Though not as many as East African countries, I think there are sizeable Gujarathis around Luanda.
There are not many Indian Restaurants around. Also there is a scope for business of Indian Food items. So far there is only one supermarket keeping these items ( Like Dals, Namakeens, Papads, Achars, Poha etc. ) Many new townships like Kilamba ( Where I stay ) are coming up.


Dear Balaji,
Try to contact a person who is working in the company and find out if the company is paying the salaries on time. And other policies.
The terms seem fine to me.



hello, I am raveej (indian) based in Nigeria, wud like to know about angola.

I have read all the previous comments, mostly were 2009-2010..

as I got currently an offer for USD 5600 p.m.+ accommodation in Luanda somewhere, for retail electronic MNC based in uae.

pls. help me to confirm if the situations are still the same or any improvement...., I would also like to know the same thing but latest update...of 2013

1. availability of indian grocery, and monthly provision expenses in USD ??
2. family safety, hope it would be better now ?
3. internet charges ?
4. Mobile / phone call rates
5. indian TV channels available ?
6. Portuguese is necessary or English is OK ? as I don't know Portuguese
7. Transportation- Taxi fare ?
8. If I get car,   how much should be Driver salary ??
9. restaurants availability for indian food ?? 
10. is there any threat to Indians dealing with local ppl.. are they not welcoming white ppl...like local ppl do in west African countries like  Nigeria / Ghana...

pls. revert, it will helpful for me to take decision.

many thnx


Hello raveej.

If you browse the above thread, you may find the answers to your questions.


Karen :)

Dear Indian,

I have recd one offer to work as Warehouse Manager - its a Canadian Multinational, i got reference through some known personal, & person is from India.

This company is in beer & meat expor business, claiming turnover sale monthy 30m USD
they are applying for visa & after that will gv me offer letter
could you please suggest based on info above


Dear Dinesh,

I am having an offer for Angola - Luanda, from a beer & meat exporter company which is based in Canada, for warehouse manager role.I am from INdia - Delhi

They are offering  1300USD + twin sharing accomadation + maid+Security+transport.

Please suggest, how true it can be, as I have no work experiance in African countries or abroad.

Thanks & Regards

Dear Muliving

How are you. This is nitesh patel from ahmedabad, Gujarat India.

Thankyou very much for your enlighting post on expat contracts.

As far as myself is concerned I have also worked for about 9 years in Uganda, Kenya and other african countries.

And as you have informed all the employers ( who is basically indians ) are very much interested in cheating and exploit fellow indians by providing them with unhumanly accomodation, working long hours without work permit,not giving them the benifits which they have been promised.

At last having fed up with the exploiting employers i have returned back to india.

If by any means or your contacts if you could be able to send me name of good companies in Angola, Uganda, Tanzania may be i can apply and am ready to work.

Once again thankyou very much for your post describing the conditions of Indin Expats in African Countries.

thanking you,
Nitesh Patel


I am an Indian recruiter. One of my clients, an Indian MNC is opening operations in Angola. They are looking for locals
(not Indians) for their operations.

They are looking to offer one candidate who is a local Angolan there. However, as we know, the Indian company wants all the documents like appointment letter, salary proof, pay slips etc before making an offer.

However, the Angolan candidate is saying that in Angola, no such documents are required and he does not have any document regarding proof of his employments or proof of salary he is getting. In fact, it seems that he gets his salary as Cash.

Is this the normal practice in Angola? How to make an offer to him if we don't have any proof of how much salary he is getting?

Pls help.

Thanks & Regards,


I got job in angola as accountant in catering services compnay.They are offering USD 2000 plus accomodation plus food.

My question

Pls advice about offer?

Is there any problem for sending full salary to india?

Please reply


I am Siadath Moosvi from hyderabad, India. can anybody suggest me any good companies in Angola as I am IT professional and i want to move to angola.

suggest me some recruitment links from angola

I may visit Angola for business developments. We are looking for the importer and reliable agent  in Luanda for our items. Our main items are Rice,Natural Human Hair extension, Detergent powder and Soaps,X ray chemicals, laboratory chemicals, Oil field chemical, Textiles.Any body want to meet us for business developments,feel free to contact us on *** for fixing the time.
Mukund Dhorajiya

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Hello All

@Mukund Dhorajiya : I suggest you to please place an advert in our section Business partners classifieds in Angola so as to increase your chances to find somebody who would be interested in your project.


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Dear Sir, myself jayendrasinh gohil, from vadodara, Gujarat, India. i tell you something me, my all experience is chemical industries, in Indian and gulf country, now i have one offer from Luanda, Angola, SA, as a Tower operator in chemical plant, my interview done by Skype, and i was selected for the post,

company giving salary and facilities,

1500 $ P/M
12 hours mon to friday
06 hours Sat
Sunday holiday
One time food allowed by company (lunch)
accommodation sharing two person (with furniture)
one years contract with paid vacation and ticket to india,

above all facilities and condition are mentioned in contract paper,
here indian placement agencies name is universal hunt, that is good name in indian, i searching in internate and they are dealing in African country,   

Please tell me if you know some things


and please tell me your location

Thanking you


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Hi MUliving,

I am working in a Small IT Company at  LOBITO.

My salary is credit in Angola Kwanzas to BAI bank .

I have a NRI account in SBI, but no help to transfer money from BAI bank to SBI bank.

also western union is very expensive.

Can you help in, with any suggestions.


2 y ago was 1000$


I am N.mallikarjunarao from vizag, andhra pradesh I am working in luanda Angola and the problem is I don't like here and words said in india are different from here and my passport is with them.now I want to leave this company and they are not giving my passport please tell me what to do and I am living in my company only and there is noway out and they are asking work visa fees to return and they are saying 1700usd and is it true value for work visa my I'd is *** please hope a quick reply from you

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If your Documents are OK, i.e. MEA INDIA Stamped and everything OK,
then the Visa Costs is about 1500-2000 USD.

You Can ask the indian Recuiter to mediate in this matter and resolve the conflict between you and your company.

Hope for the Best.
Best Regards,

i am jignesh patel from ahmedabad gujarat. I have a offer from aceria de angola named company in luanda they offer me 1300 US dollar + accomodation
so please give me advise what will I do about joining.

I want invitation from Angolian companies for business, i am from India .

I got an offer from indian origin company..
Still negotiating regarding family status.
In general what kind of working culture indian companies have.. as my last exp in nigeria was not that good..
Company is 8 year old fmcg distributor and retailer.

It is difficult to comment on a particular company. Check with Indians who are already working there.
It is always better to come on a visit visa, and check for yourself. ( Do not bring family first )
If it is okay then only commit.

Warm Regards,


I am felix from kenya. i have diploma in civil engineering and ready to relocate which are the best companies that i can work for and how can i get in touch with them. please advice me.

Hi I got a an offer from a plastic industry in Luanda. Monthly tax free 3000 usd with family
Company will provide everything except school and food expenses. Please tell us it is worth or not. What is the cost of food for 2 adults and 2 children.

My name is Sanoop..One Hotel call me to Join as Sr.Account. How is Angola .Is this Country safe for Working ..
How much Average monthly salary will get for a Sr Accountant .

Want to know about abc cosmetic unit in luanda

Dear Sir,
Please let me know whether Angola is a good and safe destination for work.I am from India too.

You can email me on g***

Thank you
Sandip G.

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When and where you're moving as I'm moving there too.

hi MUliving,

Manoj here from India. working in Qatar right now. I got an offer from company in Angola. They are offering 1000+ 500 USD along with  bachelor accommodation and medical, transportation . can i manage my personal expenses including food, mobile,internet,cigarettes with in 500 USD ? Otherwise it wont be worth of  relocating,i can cook by my self.

Brother in Angola life is too expensive,  so be pro Active when you go through the contract.

Dear friends,
I want to know Sodoso group of companies

Is Sodoso good company or not good?

Pls suggest me
Thanks in advance

Eshwar L B

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